It’s been an interesting couple days.
Last night, for some reason, I couldn’t sleep. I started browsed Schthack’s forums instead, and went through various image files from PSO in an attempt to find the photon blast and tech images from the game for use with RPG Get!. Succeeded, and continued messing around online, and not feeling tired. I eventually went to bed around 7 and woke up at 8 for work. That was interesting. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too terribly tired at work. I’m also surprisingly not tired now.

Work had free pizza during a presentation at lunch. Then there were leftover sandwiches from a different meeting. Then we had our Friday dev meeting and there was cake. Tasty.

Spent most of the day finishing up creation of a new object type in our code. Unfortunately, around 4:30, we found out that we were actually missing some fields that were necessary (that we hadn’t thought about before). As a result, we’re going to have to remake portions of it. Meh. This means we’ve gotten one story done this sprint, and that was a carryover story from last sprint. We really should add things we’ve been doing in as stories, because from a report standpoint, our team has been seriously slacking these past two weeks. :P

After work, I went to Safeway to buy foodstuffs, where they overcharged me $0.90 on my yellow squash (in addition to charging $4.50 for 3 avocadoes that I hadn’t bought). Safeway customer service people processing the refund can’t do math… because apparently 1.3 pounds of yellow squash at $0.99/lb comes out to $2 in their mind. Oh well.

Posted some photos from the picnic last week. Tasty food.

Also got revisions of RPG Get! posted. If you’re at all interested in the game, you should go check them out.

Found and installed this amazing interface reskin for PSO. My action buttons look amazing now. :D

Yeah, that’s really it.