I bought myself a new camera today.

It’s the Samsung SL30 in Silver (because they sold out of Black literally 30 minutes ago).

I paid $69.99 for it, plus about $12 shipping and taxes (because the retailer is located in California and so must charge tax on items shipped within the state). Overall not a bad deal. After the shipping and taxes, it’s around $17 less than other places online.

I’ve been wanting a compact point and shoot for a while, and this one has some pretty nice reviews. Hopefully soon I’ll actually suck it up and plop down the money for a new SLR body, but this thing should tide me over for a while.

3 thoughts on “Camera

  1. Yay for point and shoot! It is easier to have one of these when you don’t want to lug the big SLR around :-)

  2. Nice! It really makes a difference having something pocketable to have with you most everywhere. I brought my nicer P&S to Spain but some of my best shots (and most of the stuff I did in the sandy Sahara) were taken on a tiny Kodak candybar camera.

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