Ally and I made smoothies!

Strawberries + ice cream + milk = tasty
Apple + grape + carrot = too chewy
Carrot + ice cream + milk = tasty
Carrot + ice cream + milk + rum = too much rum

Also we made another carrot cake using gluten-free flour so she and Matt can eat it. Nom nom.

Edit: s/Smoothies/Shakes/
Happy, Chris?

Oh god today’s wanderings were so awesome. Matt and Ally and I went to see the windmill in Golden Gate Park and then went walking on the beach for a while. Then was wandering around the area (including a European grocery, where European == Russian) and dinner at an awesome awesome seafood place (Pacific Cafe) that was a little pricey but totally totally worth it. Om nom nom nom!

2 thoughts on “Smoothies!

  1. no! no no no! wrong!

    only one of these is a smoothie, and even that one i am skeptical of because it contains a vegetable.

    anything with ice cream in it is a milkshake. it can bring the boys to the yard, but it cannot be a smoothie.

    you’re in california now, where (according to lea) they know better. i am merely protecting you from future embarrassment.


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