Photo Firsts (Keith)

Here’s my first photo of Keith: November 13, 2004

It was taken before I knew him.
I suppose it makes sense because our lives never intersected (he was a MechE at the time and lived in Morewood) until Tim introduced us at one point when he was walking in the hall as we were going to Tim’s for games… and also because this was the first Kiltie game that I went to.

Also, life has gotten a small update… I filled in the missing gaps in the “August 14 and earlier” dates. Probably not something you’re terribly interested in (although David at Michael’s surprise birthday party is rather awesome). I’ll try and work forward ASAP so there’s more CMU photos posted.

3 thoughts on “Photo Firsts (Keith)

  1. I dunno. Sonic’s drinks are pretty awesome. That’s more of a draw to the place than their burgers, at least. Although you shouldn’t knock their coney dogs or tots either. Mmm… Sonic.

    Way to make me hungry for Sonic.

    Should I assume that picture is also your first of Mr. G-rah-rah?

  2. I also just looked at the date: November 13? How is that your first Keith? I was, at the very least, already Maltaing plenty with him, since I made the game in early October, so I’d’ve thought you’d’ve seen him then. I knew Keith since Day One, so I’m surprised you didn’t know him at this point.

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