Photo Firsts (Al-Tim, Tim, Greg)

I took a detour from tagging CMU today to get to the non-school (AKA not CMU nor PPA) folders. Since I’m now doing a chronological posting of things in life, there’s a chance I’ll miss dates that haven’t been tagged yet if there are photos outside the CMU folder. These would be annoying to go back to later, thus I’m going to finish up all the remaining folders before going to tag CMU junior year.

Got a lot of tagging done today though. Managed to tag 5001 photos, for a total of 60238. I’m up to “MsEarlSeniorParty” alphabetically. It was rather interesting going through folders of photos from middle school (most of which I probably haven’t looked at since then) and realizing how few names I remember now. I’ll have to pull out a yearbook at some point to tag them properly.

Since there are people actually following life, I’ll post on here the next time I make an update. With any luck, I’ll have updates to it again starting the end of this week.

In any case, today’s post is the first in a series of “first photos of X” where X is a person. Yay for tagging software making it easy to do random things with your photos! At some point when I’ve tagged everything I’ll post a graph of photos by month and then by camera, for curiosity’s sake.

My first photo of Al-Tim: September 2, 2004. Sitting outside the Physics I for Science Students room before recitation.

My first photo of Tim: September 10, 2004. Sitting next to me in 15200 lecture.

I love how I have a photo of Al-Tim 8 days before having a photo of Tim, despite not knowing Al-Tim for a long time after knowing Tim (which I believe would be after the CS halloween party when we went back to Tim’s room for games).

My first photo of Greg: September 9, 2005. During the KGB Underground Tour. Can you spot him?

Maybe you can spot him easier in this one… this would technically be my second photo of Greg.

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