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Reading old journal entries is fun. It’s always interesting to see how your writing style changes, how your interests change… also who leaves comments and how the people who follow your journal change.

Highlights include the entire high school PPA school board fighting, college applications, musings about work and being a waiter, rants about Arizona drivers, notes about general PPA TCG development and creation, thoughts about college, and complaints about homework. Awesome.
Rebalancing PPA TCG! :D

Also, leaving people behind after you graduate and hearing about them/visiting them (high school, and now college) always sucks. Bleh.
At least I’m feeling the same way now as I did when I finished high school a year early.

Of course, perhaps 12:30 wasn’t the best time to start reading old entries. 2 AM, work tomorrow… I should probably sleep now.

Edit: Okay, 2:30, definetly sleep tiems now.

Blllluuuueeeeee!. I need to start dying my hair again.

Edit edit: List of card games I’ve made, current at the time. To that add Zeke’s Nose, the DDR TCG, the STD TCG, the Cluster Card Game, the Combined TCG, RPG Get!, and Student Wars v2, the latter two of which are still in progress.

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