So whoever came up with this idea is brilliant…

Back in Pittsburgh, one time while shopping at Giant Eagle, I got a register coupon for some amount off one bottle of this new 100% juice stuff (I had been buying a lot of juice, stupid tracking buying habits). So I figured, “Eh, why not?” and bought a bottle the next time with the coupon, only to receive a coupon for slightly more than twice as much off two bottles of the same juice.
Naturally, I had to do it and, of course, when I did I got a coupon for slightly more than 1.5x off three bottles.

The same thing has been happening here at Safeway. Once while shopping I got a coupon for like $0.30 off one package of lean pockets. When I used it, I got a coupon for $0.75 off two packages of lean pockets. I am now in possession of a coupon for $1.25 off any three packages of lean pockets. Tricky tricky.

I’m half tempted to keep buying them just to see if/when they stop. Maybe I’ll get a coupon evenually for like $100 off 150 packages or something >_<

I think I’m going to be getting lean pockets again next time I shop.

3 thoughts on “Marketing

  1. It’s a trap! Don’t do it, Alan! Don’t fall for the evil capitalist’s plans to make you spend money!

    Seriously, do what you want. My dad had a term for saying you saved money by something you didn’t need on sale, but I forget the word.

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