PSO Blue Burst

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Well, I saw my first rare enemy in PSOBB today: A Del Rappy.

Unfortunately, we killed it but we were all hit/frozen by the Merissa A such that we couldn’t hit it when it woke up… so no rare for us :(

In other news, holy crap episode 4 is pretty, but with huge monsters like Goran Detonator who will teleport around and hit you from literally across the room (a large Caves-sized room for those people who have only played ep 1), it’s hard as hell.

Also, this thing is insane. Also, you fight it in a room with wind that blows you around and oftentimes prevents you from walking where you want.

Didn’t even try the ep4 boss(es). Figured we had no chance to survive (make our time).

I love how I originally wanted to get into PSOBB just to take screenshots for the RPG Get! TCG but I’m becoming just as obsessed with it as I was back in middle school (with v1 on the Dreamcast). Online multiplayer PS goodness FTW.

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  1. PSO is one of the best things ever. Please tell me episode 4 is awesome and like 1 and 2 and not a card game.

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