Wedding Stress

Wedding planning proceeds at a good pace, although it is generally stressing me out way more than it should. We booked our officiant this past week, as well as the room block at a hotel in the area. We also registered the domain and put up the website. And designed and printed the save the dates. And that’s what’s currently causing me undue grief.

We didn’t have any good photos of us to use, so we enlisted the help of our friend Vincent to take some engagement photos for us. They turned out decently (although I guess not exactly what either of us had in mind), and save the dates were duly created, but the process of doing that meant we were a bit further behind in getting them printed to send out.

We looked at various options for printing. Costco has a good deal at 50 cards for $14.99, but they do 6″ by 7.5″ cards, which is rather ridiculously big for something like a save the date. Instead, we figured we’d get them printed at the Fedex/Kinkos in the area, and we could get 4 to a 8.5″ by 11″ page.

So we did that tonight. And while the colors printed well, the print has streaks and lines in it (supposedly from the rollers in the machine). The guy was also rather unpleasant to deal with, refusing to print just one front-and-back copy for us to see first. (He instead ran 19 copies of the black-and-white back, then ran one of those with a color front for us to look at, so we were kind of stuck with a minimum of 19 sheets of printed paper even if we decided we didn’t like the result… which we didn’t.) We ended up getting them printed there anyway, but I think neither of us was particularly happy with either the process or the end result. But at this point, there isn’t much we can do since we need to get them in the mail soon. Sigh.

The officiant has also been causing me a bit of stress. After an awesome in-person meeting two Saturdays ago, we were sure we wanted to sign her, because we liked everything that we’d discussed and the conversations about her methodology and style. But then it became impossible to reach her… she never answered her phone, didn’t return our voice mails, and took several business days to respond to our email saying we’d like to sign with her. In the end, we got it done, but it left me with a rather unhappy feeling about the whole thing. And it took almost a full 7 days from our attempted “we want you” call to her to when we actually dropped the contract in the mail.
I’m sure she will be awesome as far as the actual ceremony goes, but I still wish it was easier to get in contact with her. She stands in rather stark contrast to the other officiant we were looking at, who responded to all of my emails (in great detail) within 24 hours.

The room block contract was also a minor pain point, since the original contract said I was liable for damages to hotel property by our guests (which I imagine was a carryover from the standard event-space rental contract). Got a revised one today, but it was just a bit of annoyance to have to run to campus to print it again.

Wedding costs are likewise stressing me out. I guess I’ve never been good at spending money, and as the projected cost of things continues to rise past our original and revised and re-revised estimates (our original “less than $15,000” estimate seems ridiculously laughably low now), I sometimes wish there was something reasonable we could scale back. Unfortunately, at this point, that would consist of things like cutting the alcohol, which is probably not terribly ideal. (We’re at least limited in party size by the room capacity, so our guest list can’t keep expanding. We already had to make some tough decisions about who we wanted to invite due to capacity.)

I guess the lesson here is to never get married. Or if you do get married, elope instead of having a wedding. :\

Work and KoL are also excessively stressful right now, but I think this post has gotten long enough, so those may be a topic for a future date.

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