Final #1 done… college done

I just got out of my OS final. Overall, it wasn’t bad. By the end, I was at the point of just not caring anymore (perhaps not the best place to be, but meh). I mean, I have a job, and it’s not like getting a B or C in OS is going to make them retract their offer. I kinda BS’d the last problem (worth 1/5 of the final, but meh).

So yeah, with that, my undergrad is over. At this point, I don’t think there’s any possible way for me to fail, since I only had to pass one of my two classes this semester to graduate and I’ve basically already passed the other one (Pen-based computing, which doesn’t have a final).

I am strangely sad right now, seeing the parts of my life over the past 3.5 years scattered around the room in various boxes or suitcases.
I really don’t want to leave CMU.


I leave for home on Sunday.
I wish Sunday would never come.

2 thoughts on “Final #1 done… college done

  1. Congrats on completing your undergrad. Time brings change, and while that can make you downtrodden it can also mean the birth of new, wonderful, things. You have your whole life in front of you, and good friends to see you through.

  2. dear alan,
    great job, congratulation on your graduation.
    are you going to start your job rightaway. we kind of expecting to see you in Thailand.hoping to . slow down a bit , you will burn yourself out before 30.
    CRM sound confusing. I know you will have lot of fun with this kind of stuff. Good luck and good health.

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