OS death x 2

if((argv = loader_copy_argv(filename, page)) == NULL)
lprintf_kern("argv is null %p", argv);
return ERROR;

argv is null 0x1ffe00

Don’t you love it when you override your program’s execution code and cause weird things like this?

Also, you get funness like getting odd addresses like 0xacfffffe because something does a INC %esp assembly instruction.

It is 2:30 AM, and we’re almost back to the point where we were logical yesterday morning before this horribleness with VM began.

Tonight is likely going to be another all-nighter (after which, with luck, we will be back at the point where we were at the beginning of the week). Tomorrow is more OS followed by a flight to Connecticut in the evening (yay sleeping on the plane). Death.

Edit: 8 is amazing… as I sat around uselessly throughout the night, he fixed our VM/PM bugs and got us back to a working state. Then, as I sat there and zoned out and then dozed off, he wrote the vanish() syscall and most of wait(). Bleh, why am I so useless?
My throat hurts…. I should go find some cough drops or something.