Strict Königs-Pittsburgh walk success

We hadn’t been on a long walk yet this year, so yesterday a bunch of us decided to do a modified version of last year’s Königs-Pittsburgh walk… that is, to cross every pedestrian-navigable trans-three-river bridge in Pittsburgh with both endpoints in Pittsburgh exactly once and end back where we started.
Actually, the problem as stated is now impossible thanks to the recently-reopened 31st street bridge (and since the 9th street bridge is open to pedestrians even though it’s closed to traffic), so we added in the 40th and it works out.

The trip itself was a relatively easy 27 miles, so about 12-14 miles shorter than our usual walks. As such, it meant we were able to start at a reasonable time while the sun was up, and finish up before dinner.

Overall, I didn’t have any foot or leg problems (probably because it was shorter) and ended up with no blisters (thanks to the awesome cloth tape), but I did start having back problems toward the end. I guess my back isn’t used to me being upright anymore.

Anyway, we started at 8:42 AM at the Giant Eagle in Shadyside. A few people were supposed to come, but it ended up being only me, Greg, and Keith.

We took a long walk all the way down to the Glenwood bridge, which technically counts due to the small bit of Pittsburgh on the other side of the Monongahela River, crossing it around 10:34 AM.

Next up was a walk along the riverfront trail to the Hot Metal bridge, crossing around 11:53 AM.

After a break for lunch at Panera’s in Oakland until 12:55 PM, we crossed the Birmingham bridge around 1:11 PM.

Next was the 10th Street bridge at 1:34 PM

followed by the Liberty bridge at 2:20 PM.

It started raining around this point, and rained off and on throughout the day. I guess we can’t have a bridge walk without rain. :\
Next was the Smithfield bridge around 2:40 PM.

We met up with Owen at Market Square and then crossed the Fort Pitt bridge around 3:08 PM, finishing up Monongahela river bridges.

After a walk down Carson street, we crossed our only Ohio river bridge, West End, around 3:30 PM.

We met William along the riverside trail on the north side and watched people smashing pumpkins at the Carnegie Science Center. Then we crossed the Fort Duquesne bridge, the first on the Allegheny river at 4:07 PM.

Then it was a quick trek over to the three matching bridges: Roberto Clemente (formerly the 6th Street bridge) around 4:20 PM

Andy Warhol (formerly the 7th street bridge) around 4:25 PM

and Rachel Carson (formerly the 9th street bridge) around 4:34 PM.

Over along the north shore trail to the David McCullough bridge (formerly the 16th street bridge) a bit before 5 PM.

Then through the strip district to the reopened 31st street bridge at 5:25 PM.

At this point, we’d technically crossed every bridge with both endpoints in Pittsburgh, but we were on the north side, so we headed to the 40th street bridge to cross back, hitting it around 6:08 PM.

Made it close to home (detoured to dinner instead) around 6:56 PM. There are more walk photos here.

Overall it was an excellent trip. Greg is kind of disappointed that this will be his first year in Pittsburgh without a 30+ mile walk, but at least he’s still managed to do a 25+ mile walk every year. Which is still impressive.

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