Cruise yay

We went on a cruise through New England and Canada! It was awesome! Moar cruising next year plz.

Here’s a fun gif of them setting up the gangway in Charlottetown. I like that the first thing they do is set up the hand sanitizer dispensers.

Additional photos can be found here, here, and here.

I flew into Boston on Friday to meet my parents there, and we spent that evening and the following morning wandering the city and walking the Freedom Trail. It wasn’t anything new (had previously visited with Greg), but it was still fun to see and do again. The ship left Saturday evening.

Sunday morning, we got into Bar Harbor, Maine bright and early. We didn’t eat any lobster (too expensive, and there was lots of tasty free food on the ship), but I did get an awesome stuffed lobster. The tag says his name is “Lobbie”, but that’s a dumb name. His name is instead “Om nom nom”.

We took a bus tour into Arcadia National Park and up to Cadillac mountain, which had beautiful views.

Monday we cruised into Halifax, Nova Scotia. We spent the morning touring the Citadel fortress at the top of the city, and I regret not having more time to see all it had to offer.

In the afternoon, we took a bus tour to Peggy’s Cove to see the famous lighthouse. It was really kind of underwhelming, and it was really cold and windy and rainy up there.

Tuesday we cruised into Sydney, Nova Scotia. The rain and wind had followed us from Halifax, and we hadn’t booked any shore excursions, so it was rather a short and boring day. We wandered the city for a bit (not much to see… the ship’s city guide had even said they don’t dock at Sydney for Sydney, but rather for the access to Cape Breton) and spent the afternoon on the boat relaxing.

Wednesday was Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. It was by far the most beautiful of the places we visited, and also had a lot of historic things to see (since the confederation conference was held here). They have a really nice walking tour set up in Founder’s Hall, and you could also see Province House, the current seat of the provincial legislature.

Thursday was an at-sea day and we didn’t do very much. We docked in Quebec City, Quebec on Friday and went on a bus tour of the city before wandering it on our own. It feels a lot like Europe to me, actually. Was an interesting place to visit.

Overall, it was awesome, and I want to do it again. The infinite free food was probably the best part (full-service dining room at night with fancy, tasty food :D :D), but I really liked the lack of internet ($0.75/minute on the ship means you basically go without it instead of paying). It’s weird how much of a useless time-waster it is. It was also nice to wake up every day in a new place with new sights to see.

The ship also has shows every night and general activities (a library with books and board games you can check out, ping pong tables and a giant chess set, etc).

Also, it’s hilarious that the ship’s coffeeshop had prices for all their drinks, but not their food. It’s weird to me that all drinks on the ship (except water, tea, and coffee) cost money ($2.95 for a can of soda!), but all food was free (including the snacks and sandwiches at the coffeeshop). Still, infinite food almost-whenever you want it really can’t be beaten, and I don’t drink soda anyway.


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