Work day 12

Chris mapped out our route to West Virginia here. I was wrong… it’s almost 40 miles. I walked almost 40 miles. Crazy.

Work has been busier lately. I have a task to go through and document all subclasses of a certain class. This involves walking through the code to see the structure of U-Forms that it creates and identifying the important attributes of such. I’m a little over halfway done right now, so yay.

Kelly Clarkson’s new CD comes out on June 26. I’m trying to decide between preordering the physical CD on Amazon ($9.99) and preordering it from iTunes ($11.99, but comes with 4 bonus songs).
I’m definetly leaning toward buying it from iTunes. The 4 extra songs are tempting, and if I was to buy the CD, I would end up ripping it to iTunes at the same bitrate anyway. Also, I can’t really hear the difference between CD and iTunes qualities, so it wouldn’t be a huge difference.

Downloaded Jordin Sparks’ new single, “This Is My Now” today from iTunes. It’s really, really good.
Yay for a bunch of awesome new music coming out.

Went to Keith’s apartment today to play Puerto Rico. He has a really nice place… really big.

Had a moment earlier today (some of you probably saw it) where I got upset about things that I can’t change, and have mostly accepted now anyway, so it’s not a big deal.
Also, some people are awesome and make me feel cared for and happy.

Also, brrraaaiiinnnnssss!

4 thoughts on “Work day 12

  1. So when you walked 40 miles… was this all at once? How long did it take? I was going to estimate 8 hours, but I really have no idea, since I don’t walk long distances on a regular basis.

    I remember I walked home from school once and the distance was somewhere around five miles. It took me a full hour. That’s where I’m getting the estimation.

  2. Write a post on my wall to answer the question because I’ll probably forget to check this comment page to read the response, haha

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