Why is life so amazing? :)

I did more work today on CMU Adventures. I added a messaging system so you can send messages to other players, and will soon extend it to include a public message board system where you can alternately post messages that anyone can read. Any help debugging that would be appreciated. Also, magic has generally been rebalanced as to be less abusive… let’s see how that works out.

Last night was happiness, spending time with awesome people and having random conversations. I think the more time passes, the more I’m loving just spending time with and being around friends. This is a good thing.
Also, spending time with >friend is also always a good thing. ^_^

Also, I got my official job offer today in the mail, and accepted it. I start work on May 28th, so I’ll be back here in Pittsburgh a bit before then. I’ll be working as a developer with General Dynamics. Sounds kinda awesome… my first real developer position. Kinda scared though.

Also, I promised Rolf I wouldn’t post pictures until people lost interest, but there was a Kesden/Rolf newspaper fight in teh clustar yesterday and I have pictures, so you should ask me if you want to see them.

Wheee, yay for Super Smash Brothers with huge turnip things :D

Tonight is 8’s ITG party of awesome and win. Yay for life!

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