Life and Booths

life has gotten an update bringing it to today.

The Celebrations expansion of People Wars has also been released. Yay more cards.

Booths have been happening all week. For some reason, I’m generally less interested in midway this year than previously. Which is still quite a lot of interest, but not as much as prior years (only about 1200 photos since Saturday, as opposed to previous years when I shot easily 1000 a day during Carnival week).

I think maybe the combination of being in Pittsburgh anyway, only taking tomorrow and Friday off (instead of the entire week), and having been through 6 previous Carnivals is making the entire thing seem less like a big deal.

Regardless, Ian gets here tonight (technically tomorrow), Tim and Kayleigh get here tomorrow, and Mars and Dan get here Friday, so there will soon be awesomeness with awesome people. Al-Tim has been here since Sunday.

Yay awesomeness.

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