There was a Christmas. It was nice. I got some iTunes gift cards, which I used to buy Kelly Clarkson’s new EP. We also got a really nice toaster oven to replace our crappy half-broken toaster (and so I can bake without heating up the huge oven).

Relatedly, I bought and watched Food, Inc. about a month ago, and it’s pretty much changed everything about how I eat.
I’m buying almost exclusively organic fruit and vegetables now (and generally buying and eating more of them than before). I’ve switched away from the “cheap” pork and beef to the turkey and free-range chicken. (Giant Eagle also has some grass-fed beef I think I’ll try soon.) I’ve started buying organic yogurt and free-range eggs instead.
Our grocery bill has gone up a bit, but for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling good about my purchases when I leave the store. Strangely, prices for organics are often only 20 to 50 cents more than the regular counterparts, when they’re not on sale. But I think buying fewer processed foods is what’s making the bill go up, since fresh produce is expensive (and also not usually on sale like the processed stuff is). It’s actually scary when you look at the labels on some packages, because something as simple as “corn meal” has like 10 ingredients. WTF, guys.

Good food is nice. I think it’s become one of the areas where it’s okay for me to pay a little more, because the quality of what you get is so much higher.

Not looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday. This break hasn’t been nearly long enough.

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