Life has gotten much better since my last update. Work has calmed down, and I’m generally feeling more on top of my bugs and tasks. This is nice.

This past week was Tartan for the first time in a month (San Francisco trip, sick weekend, then two weekends without production), and it was nice… like going home again or something. It’s also been an interesting week for the Tartan. The Fence was vandalized this week, so we put together an article about the attack and a followup article about the campus reaction. As such, I’ve been taking photos of the unhappiness. It’s interesting to see the campus come together in a way that it never really does (and to see the haters hatin’, as they are wont to do).

People Wars has been going well. After some playtesting with Tim, Gabe, Krieger, and Kellie, some revamping, and some more playtesting with Kellie, Glisson, tbroman, and tvaughan, I feel fairly comfortable with where the game is at at this point, so I’ll probably release at some point in the near future.

Tonight I felt like splurging on food (as I often do), but I took the unusual step of actually doing so. It was actually a very nice experience that I would like to repeat… a bottle of wine (I’ve never had wine poured for me at a restaurant before!), an awesome slab of salmon, dessert, and very nice company (and conversation). It’s probably the first time I haven’t felt guilty about spending $50 on a meal, and I feel like it’s something I should allow myself more often. Good food is awesome.

In related news, I have gone vegetarian (lacto-ovo, or whatever it is, since I like cheese and eggs too much to give those up) and am seeing how long I can stick to it. I’ve never really been a fan of meat (I generally find it greasy), and ever since I’ve moved here, I’ve been making efforts to avoid it where possible. Seemed like a reasonable next step.