Yay Dreams

So I had been remembering a movie for a while that I had seen a few years ago, thinking it was good and wanting to buy it. I had vague memories of the plot and characters and who I had seen it with, and was figuring I should ask them what it was called… but of course it kept slipping my mind at times when I was by a computer.

Last night, I had a dream about the plot, and about being in the movie, and about picking up a copy of the DVD at the store. It also gave me the title. Lo and behold, I remember the dream (and the title) during the afternoon and look it up on Amazon. And it was the right title.

My subconscious is awesome.

(The movie, by the way, is The Illusionist.)

In card game news, RPG Get! has been put on hold for a bit while I work on People Wars. I think working on the TCG website and subsequently looking back at the people-based card games made me realize how much I miss having cards representing the people and events in my life, so the game kind of took priority.
(The game being built on a known, proven game system probably didn’t hurt either… RPG Get! is getting there, but still has a lot of issues to iron out.)

If anyone is interested in seeing the cards or playing the game, People Wars as it currently stands is available for download here (and you can poke me for game rules). Once I get it to a point that I’m happy with, I’ll build a full website for it.

Yay card games.

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