RPG Get! Take two

I’ve been working on the redesign of RPG Get! and finally have some real progress to show for it.

Here’s some examples of the new card designs. I’m hoping that things are a lot more obvious now, and it also gives me design room for future mechanics.

Two example characters. Note how the Fonewearl’s spell boost ability is much nicer to express now.
Combat will now be more back-and-forth, and the new “counterattack” icons on the attacks determine what kinds of attacks can be used as a counter.

Sample enemy. Fairly straightforward.

Sample attack reward cards.
Notice the splitting of defense into defense, evade, and resistance, and how different attacks can be defended against in different ways.

In general, I’m hoping that the new combat mechanics (which are almost completely changed from the original game) will allow for more true-to-game combats.
For example, melee attackers (Hunters in PSO) will mostly want to use melee attacks, as those deal the most damage due to their high melee stat. However, melee attacks are more easily counterattacked, so they need to have defense and evade ready.
On the other hand, ranged attackers (Rangers in PSO) will want to use ranged attacks due to their higher range stat. They are also generally safe from counterattacks by melee attacks.
Spellcasters are truer to the game in that they are frail and should not engage in melee combat, but have spells that never miss (cannot be evaded) and cannot be counterattacked.

We’ll see how this goes. I hope to have enough cards done by this weekend to start playtesting.

One thought on “RPG Get! Take two

  1. Love it! So very cool. This makes me wanna fly to you and play with ya. You’ve been at this game for a really long time now!

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