The past few days have been an adventure.

We started Thursday evening when Greg flew into SF to help me move. We had a last session of games that turned into more just hanging out and talking, which was just as good. At least I got to see everyone before I moved.

Friday involved driving to Phoenix. Packing the car was kind of fail… I ended up leaving a suitcase and 3 boxes behind (thanks, Andrew!) because we couldn’t fit them in the car. Also the car was already extremely heavy and Greg was worried about the rear wheels.
It was a 765 mile drive, but Greg managed to make it in one day. It was also a really pretty drive.

Sunday was going to the Titan Missile Museum and Tombstone. The former was awesome, the latter was kind of dead (especially given it’s Sunday… maybe the recession was especially hard on this tourist-centric town), no pun intended.

Besides that, there was seeing random people and catching up. It was nice. I drove for the first time in 2.5 years (hopefully didn’t give Greg a heart attack or something) and also got to see some friends for the first time in just as long. Makes me feel like I should go back to Phoenix more often.

Now we are back in Pittsburgh after a flight that routed us through Tampa Bay. The weather is kind of horrible (it’s really not the heat, it’s the humidity… over 90 in Phoenix was totally fine), but there is an air conditioner that is making things okay. San Francisco has really ruined my weather tolerance, apparently.

Photos coming at some point in the future (psst… you should subscribe to the RSS feed or the LJ syndication).