Photo Dump

I spent most of the morning tagging photos, managing to finish up September 2003. I’ll probably go to May 2004 next and tag backwards so I can start working backward on as well.

I also did some digging around and discovered that Adobe Photoshop Album (which I use) stores its tags in an Access database. This is actually kind of awesome, because it means I can export the information from the program into an XML file (or other format). Looking at a preliminary dump, it appears that there are two relevant tables: one for tags, which contains a row for each tag that basically gives the tag an ID (and stores information like parent tags and tag ordering), and one for photos, which contains a row for each photo that gives information like filename and path to the image. The photo table also contains a column that appears to be a base64-encoded bit vector. My assumption is that this bit vector is how the tags on each image are stored (based on the tag ID in the tag table). I’ll probably try writing a script to parse this stuff so I can generate dumps of tags by photo or similar. Still, it’s nice to know that I’m not locked in to using PSA forever, and can export my tags to some other program by some means.

So yeah, without further ado, photodump from the past few weeks:

Brian and Danny at lunch after the volunteer event at Glide.

Simon at lunch after the volunteer event at Glide.

Awesome cupcake boxes from the KaraVan.

The Bay Bridge as seen from Colt Tower. Also a bit of downtown.

A game of Kubb at work in the Spear 7 courtyard area.

Release food… Buca di Beppo this time.

He’s so pretty! :O

Ally in her new apartment.

The Container Store’s awesome rainbow-colored selection of hangers. I was amused.

Matt hugging the roll of bubble wrap at the Container Store.

Ally contemplating the fuzzy lime at dinner at 21st Amendment.

Matt in Shawn and Daniel’s awesome living room.

Shawn in his living room.

Shawn and Ally attempting to restrain each other.

Also, the Daily Photo Project seems to be good for me. It gets me out of the house at least once per day, and it’s making me notice things I never have before. I’ve been doing it every day, but uploads will be done in batches because it’s a pain to move files from one computer to the other.

I am really missing my DSLR though, especially now that I’m forcing myself to take more different photos. I might have to get the D90 this month.

Tonight is all-you-can-eat pizza at Local. Om nom nom nom.

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