Posty McPostface, camera stats

You may remember the (failed) chronicles of Boaty McBoatface and its subsequent use for one of the ship’s subs instead.

Apparently Google just released Parsey McParseface today, and Racist McShootface is bidding on some guns.

This makes me happy. Happy McHappyface?

In other unrelated things, GSA Softball has started up for the year, which means lots of nice opportunities for me to get my sports photography on.

It’s been about half a year since I’ve done photo stats, and I’ve gotten a new camera since then. Photoshop album now reports 408319 tagged photos through yesterday (May 12).

Here’s individual camera stats, including all cameras for comparison

Intel Pocket PC camera October 6, 2000 – September 18, 2003 1077 days; 2.95 years 15,829 photos $200 14.7 photos per day 1.26¢ per photo
Olympus C3000 Zoom September 28, 2001 – December 5, 2003 798 days; 2.186 years 10,647 photos $450 13.3 photos per day 4.23¢ per photo
Kodak Easyshare DX6490 December 8, 2003 – March 17, 2006 830 days; 2.274 years 49,413 photos $500 59.5 photos per day 1.01¢ per photo
Nikon D50 March 22, 2006 – November 15, 2009 1334 days; 3.655 years 105,067 photos $570 78.8 photos per day 0.54¢ per photo
+$250 repair cost 0.78¢ per photo
106,916 shutter releases $570 80.15 shutter releases per day 0.533¢ per shutter release
+$250 repair cost 0.77¢ per shutter release
Samsung SL30
July 27, 2009 – May 11, 2016 2480 days; 6.79 years 20,879 photos $70 8.42 photos per day 0.34¢ per photo
Nikon D90
February 26, 2010 – May 12, 2016 2267 days; 6.21 years 200,264 photos $780 88.34 photos per day 0.39¢ per photo
260,614 shutter releases 114.96 shutter releases per day 0.30¢ per shutter release
iPhone 5 June 23, 2013 – December 23, 2014 548 days; 1.5 years 130 photos $0
(Provided by work)
0.24 photos per day 0.00¢ per photo
149 shutter releases 0.27 shutter releases per day 0.00¢ per shutter release
iPhone 6 Plus
January 8, 2015 – April 7, 2016 455 days; 1.25 years 2652 photos $0
(Provided by work)
5.83 photos per day 0.00¢ per photo
7218 shutter releases 15.86 shutter releases per day 0.00¢ per shutter release
Nikon D7100
December 2, 2015 – May 8, 2016 158 days; 0.43 years 3258 photos $620 20.62 photos per day 19.03¢ per photo
5431 shutter releases 34.37 shutter releases per day 11.42¢ per shutter release

It’s worth noting that, even though the D90 has 7863 more shutter releases than the last stats, I’ve only kept 3725 of those photos (~47%), which means I’m editing down photos much more heavily than I used to. Similarly for my new D7100, where I only keep ~60% of the photos I take with it.
I also only keep ~37% of the photos I take with my work iPhone. (A lot of this is probably due to picture quality… since my photos with it tend to come out blurry, I usually spam the shutter button when I’m using it, and delete the junk later.)
For contrast, I kept more than 98% of the photos I took with my D50.
This is good, both for looking through photos later, and also for hard drive space.

No graphs for now… more graphs probably when I hit 425,000 photos.

Life is good :)

Life, moneys

It’s May, so life’s photojournal and stats have been updated. Surprisingly few photos this time around (averaging about 1000 a month). Also the Costa Rica trip accounts for around 1/5 of the total photos, but even then, clocks in under 900 photos. I guess I’m getting better at editing down what photos to save? (Certainly doesn’t feel like I’m taking any fewer photos than usual.)

I’ve been reading quite a few articles lately on the interwebs about income, savings, and general money things in the US. Here’s a few interesting articles, presented without comment for now, mostly because I’m not really sure how to consolidate my thoughts and opinions on financial situations and things right now.

Unrelated to anything, here’s my XKCD garden. It has a Neko Atsume cat in it, hiding behind the bush in the middle.

Chloe and Brent came over for dinner today, and Chloe asked me how life was, and I really couldn’t think of anything bad in my life right now. Sure, I might want to quit my job and just relax or travel forever (not because of work, but because not-work is always a more attractive opinion), but realistically, everything in life is going well, and I don’t have any complaints about any situation (home or work) right now. I think I’m just incredibly fortunate in many ways in life.

So yay for life and things, at least?