Housey House (and pumpkiny pumpkins)

Our housemates had a pumpkin carving party again. Lots of interesting pumpkins happened this year. I carved a fake foam “carvable pumpkin” that was actually pretty neat. (More photos at photos.)

But this weekend was house things! Austin was awesome and drove us to Home Depot yesterday, where we proceeded to spend over $200 on things like hedge clippers, garden hoses, gardening gloves, a step stool, brooms, buckets, dryer things, and other house stuffs. We spent the day cleaning the first floor rooms, as it unfortunately rained most of the day.

Today the rain stopped, and the awesome David, who lives at the other end of our street, loaned us his manual lawnmower and battery-powered weed whacker, and we had a pretty fun day mowing, trimming trees, and generally doing yardwork. My big accomplishment was reconnecting the dryer exhaust pipe and hooking up our new flexible dryer tube to it, to replace the old solid pipe that had fallen off and dumped lint everywhere (including inside the wall where the pipe had also detached). That was fun.

Yay for home ownership?

House to the future

I’d been feeling rather melancholy for the past few weeks — nothing much happening other than work and the usual routine of board gaming and rock climbing. There was some softball practice with Greg’s softball team, and I got a few nice shots out of that.

David also hosted a bonfire at his house.

But today was special for a couple of reasons…

Today is Back to the Future day, where Marty and Doc go to the future (October 21, 2015) to help his son and set an entire series of events in motion. William hosted a movie night at his house where we watched the movie. I think the best part was the end where we were watching the credits and everyone, seemingly at once, spotted Elijah Wood’s name as some random kid character. So we return to the scene, and it is indeed him.

And secondly, we bought our house today! (Here’s me with our agent and a celebratory bottle of champagne.)

This weekend will be full of yardwork and house cleaning things, and it will be awesome. We need to get some electrical work done, but after that, it should be totally good to move in to. Looking forward to buying furniture and getting everything into place. :)