Life, Washington, Kickstarter

life has been updated. The photo journal is now current to today, and the stats page includes updated photos from the last 4 months. I feel like I should probably add more Pittsburgh people into stats (like Austin, Michael, Yubin, and Max), since I’ve known them for long enough now that stats will actually be somewhat interesting.

In any case, we got back yesterday from our trip to Washington, D.C. Photos are here.

The trip was primarily because Greg wanted to see Eddie Izzard, and the closest place he was performing was Washington. (The tour later added Pittsburgh and Cleveland locations, so we probably didn’t have to make the trip out… but hey, D.C. trip!) Headed out on the Megabus Thursday evening and came back Sunday afternoon.

We stayed with Mark, Greg’s friend from undergrad, and his wife Christine. They had cats. The cats were adorable.

The Eddie Izzard performance itself was pretty awesome. This was my first time seeing him perform, but he was a lot better than previous comedians I’ve seen.

Interesting thing I learned: Apparently the place is not “Washington D.C.” but rather “Washington, D.C.” as it’s the city of Washington in the District of Columbia. For some reason I’d always assumed that the entire place was just the district, whose proper name was “Washington.” (Apparently D.C. was supposed to have had some other cities it in, that either were returned to Virginia or gobbled up by Washington itself? So the entire district is one city, so I’m not entirely off in thinking that.)

In any case, we weren’t there too long, so we didn’t really get to see very much. But we did take up a lot of time (most of Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday) seeing the Newseum, which was quite interesting and awesome to visit. Greg and I lamented over the lack of exhibits for editing and layout, but what was there (covering all forms of reporting and media) was well done. I particularly enjoyed the exhibition of Pulitzer-winning photographs. It was also interesting to see front pages from papers from all 50 states. On Friday, the most popular front-page news item seemed to be Spiderman 2 (followed up by Obamacare enrollment articles).

There was also, of course, time spent photographing… in particular, we wandered around the Tidal Basin at night photographing the Washington Monument (unfortunately still closed) and the Jefferson memorial (which apparently has a museum in its base O_o).

The low photo trend continues, with only 644 photos from the trip (representing 911 shutter releases).

In other, totally-unrelated-to-anything stuff, there is a new Kickstarter for art. Because art is awesome. (Also my friend David has art in this anthology.) So you should back it.

Yay for life.