Meme: Cooking and music

There have been nice bits of music lately.
First off there’s Little White Flag and the related kickstarter for a full album. It’s a good song. You should help fund their album if you like the song.
Second, Kelly apparently wrote a new anthem for the Dallas Cowboys called “Get Up”, which you can download for free here. It’s very happy and upbeat and dance-y. I am a fan (even if I’m not a fan of the Cowboys).
Third, Incorporated Elements did an awesome remix of “The Day We Fell Apart” from Kelly’s last album, which is also up for download here.
Fourth, I downloaded Bangarang back when the EP was on sale. Dubstep is awesome. Too bad good dubstep is so hard to come by.
Fifth, I also downloaded Amaryllis back when it was on sale. A few of the tracks (Unity, Miracle, Through The Ghost) are standouts and they’ve been on my standard playlist since then.
Also grabbed a few random tracks like God Gave Me You and Something To Do With My Hands using free MP3 credit. My musical tastes are rather eclectic.

Anyway, I’m making food for 5 tonight (kind of an impromptu dinner party), so it seems like an appropriate time to cover the last of Jess’ meme topics for me.

Cooking is a weird thing for me. I generally like food, and looking at food, and contemplating food. One of my favorite websites is airline meals, where people post photos of their plane food.

That said, I don’t really have a good appreciation for “fancy” food. Maybe my palate isn’t refined enough or something, but on the occasions I get to go to upscale places, I feel like I don’t appreciate the food as much as I should given how much it costs… really, I would rather go to cheaper places and get larger portions.

So, expectedly, my cooking is rather boring, standard stuff. There’s a bunch of stuff I make in the food category of this journal. It all tends to involve a meat and a veggie or starch. I do cook Thai food sometimes, but not as much as I should given the expensiveness of “exotic” ingredients ($4/lb for bok choy? really?) at local grocery stores and distance of cheaper ethnic stores. Also, Greg doesn’t like tofu or non-standard sea creatures, which also limits the kind of things I can easily do.

The process itself I usually find relaxing and rewarding, since it’s nice to be able to do something after a day of coding that doesn’t involve a keyboard or debugging. Cooking pretty much always works out the way you want it to, and you can experiment as much as you want and (usually) still get something tasty out the other end.
Still, when I’m feeling particularly stressed about work, I tend to find the extra “chore” of cooking to be too much and will default to heating frozen things or making sandwiches. Which is odd given how much I enjoy it normally. But meh.

So yay food.
Tonight’s menu is salad (a mix of bagged salads with some fresh tomato and mozzarella; yes I’m lazy), lemon-pepper baked tilapia, green beans, rice (made with mixed veggies and spices in my usual style), and watermelon (since we have two, since they were on sale this week at geagle). Om nom nom nom.

I’ve had a lot of other random introspective thoughts bouncing around my head the past few days, but I don’t know how to put them into words, so they will remain unwritten for now.

Wedding, Boston, and things

Tim got married last weekend. It was an awesome time, and was definitely the best wedding I’ve ever been to.

More photos will be posted at some point when I am not in Boston.

Because, yeah, right now I’m in Boston (well, Cambridge, anyway). It has been a fun time. Yesterday we did an 11+ mile walk around Cambridge and Boston. Today’s plans include more hiking. I really like this area… I think if it weren’t for the prices of everything, it’s somewhere I would be happy to live in.

MIT has a building uglier than Gates! Yay!

Moving, games, and disappointment

Haven’t done a general life post in a while. Life goes.

People seem to like my SimSimi pillows that I brought back from Thailand.

In any case, Greg’s sister Chris recently moved to Pittsburgh for a year-long internship thing at UPitt. We spent most of the weekend helping her move things from there to here.

Nothing like helping people move to realize how much stuff people can accumulate. It’s left me and Greg with a desire to get rid of more of our things so any future move we might do isn’t nearly as painful.

In any case, after moving was done, we went to Red Robin for dinner, as I had been wanting to do for a while. Maybe I have unreasonable expectations or something for a casual restaurant, but I felt rather disappointed. Our waitress didn’t refill my tea unless I asked (and would come by and grab other people’s empty glasses and refill them), and generally seemed like she was unhappy at me. Also, my “well-done” burger came out terrifyingly red in the middle. (Not even sure how a burger that thin could manage to be that undercooked.) By that point, I was feeling unhappy enough that I just wrapped it up and took it home instead of asking it to be fixed. And then reheated burger is never that good… managed to eat it tonight, somehow. But kind of a disappointment for something I’d been looking forward to.

In any case, today we had some more board games.

Besides Ingenious, which seems to be getting popular on game nights and is one of Greg’s favorite games, and My Happy Farm, which I think has become my favorite “quick” game choice, we also played Puerto Rico for the first time in a while. There was also a lot of 7 Wonders (with Max and Yubin’s set that we’re holding on to until they return from getting married), which is quickly becoming one of my more favorite games… perhaps it will be time to buy a copy in the near future.

This upcoming week will be interesting. On call for work while I’m spending Friday being driven to a wedding in Connecticut, then on call all weekend while I’m there and on a train to Boston. With luck, nothing will happen. Without luck… well, at least I’ll always be at most 30 minutes away from an internet connection.