Photo dump from random board gaming this weekend.
Photos from games at Patrick’s are posted at photos.

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Hard to believe it’s been over a month since my last post.

Life goes relatively well. life has gotten an update through November.

I purchased the complete series of Battlestar Galactica and have been watching it. This show is amazing. Yay for awesome SciFi. I guess it’s kind of my Christmas gift to myself.

This weekend has been full of eventfulness. Tim came to visit us and there has been a lot of gaming. We also went to Patrick’s last night (dragging along Tim, Keith, and Dan) for more games. Games have been fun.

Most importantly, for me, is that I have finally gotten [the redo of] RPG Get! playtested. This was actually extremely useful, because it showed very quickly that enemies were underpowered, rewards were overpowered, and the current system for mission attempts was too prone to deck screw. Changes are being made to the rules and cards, and hopefully the next playtest will go better. (Thanks, Tim, for helping.)

In other news, I finally ordered my laptop. I ended up purchasing the Toshiba, figuring that the price was great, and Costco provides a 90-day return policy plus 2 year warranty, so I can’t really go wrong. It arrived Friday evening, and I’ve just started setting it up (since the weekend has been full of distraction). So far, I’m extremely happy with the purchase.

I have also been getting back into KoL recently. There has been a pre-Crimbo (KoL’s Christmas) celebration in Crimbopolis, a special area of Hobopolis with unique loot. I managed to get fairly bad luck in my first three runs, ending up with three outfit pieces and none of the three optional drops. The fourth run managed to get one optional drop, but I ended up just purchasing the other two afterward from another clan this afternoon… so I finally have the full set of gear from the dungeon. Yay.

Tim is leaving tomorrow morning, and photos will be posted at some point. Yay life.