XKCD in Golden Gate Park

There was a Randall Munroe in Golden Gate Park today.

He handed out service packs to the 0th XKCD book.
Here’s my favorite:

Photos are at photos2. Mostly of the people around us in line (waiting for the service pack) because there were random games occurring.

Tomorrow is the pride parade. I figure I might as well go since it’s my last chance to go to one.

Yay busy life.

Fair, Photos

It’s been a while since I updated.
Things have happened, though nothing particularly new or exciting.

I uploaded the third card set to RPG Get! anyway, despite the pending game redesign. I figure I was so bad at getting the first revision of the game up that it will likely be a while until I manage to get the redo done to any acceptable point. Also apparently people actually look at the game, given that I’ve gotten two journal comments about it. That’s two more than any of my other card games. :P

Life has been brought up to date, for the zero people following it.

Lots of gaming has been happening. This past weekend there was gaming and the Haight-Ashbury fair. Large photo dump of mostly portraiture is here (sully’s hair is kind of awesome, even indoors).


I had a weekend. It was a good, long weekend.
There were games.

There was also a Cohort Memorial Day BBQ.

Fun fun.

It’s kind of fun to shoot people when they’re backlit, especially now that I’ve figured out how to use my D90 properly. Sooo many buttons.

Edit: Moar!

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