More Photos

I’ve uploaded photos from Sharon, Charles, and Matt’s wet bar party to photos2. (I keep typoing wet bart barty. Stupid BART. :P)

I’ve also gotten life updated up to present day. I kind of fail at continuing the daily photo project, but oh well.

Here’s some photos from Carnival from after I posted the batches to photos2:


I haven’t updated this for a couple weeks, so I guess I should do so. Gogo gadget short blog post.

There was a Carnival. It was awesome. Tons of photos are posted to photos2, so you should go look.

Sharon made a random comment yesterday that I didn’t take seriously at first. However, having had last night and today to think over it, it’s seeming less and less crazy and more and more like it could should happen.
Details forthcoming, maybe.

Yay life.


I had a day. It was an interesting day.

Spent the morning walking to Point Lobos and back, in the hopes that it would help me feel better. The walk there was really nice and relatively sunny, and I got there and sat on the cliff overlooking the ocean and was happy.
Of course, as soon as I turned around to come home, it started raining. I didn’t have an umbrella. By the time I got home, I was pretty soaked and cold and miserable. Bleh.
The entire trip was a little over 4.5 hours. It’s something I feel like I should do again… it was a really easy walk along a busy street (Geary) with easy bus access should I need it, and there are hiking trails at the end that I want to explore. I kind of wonder if I should do this every weekend as a way of getting exercise.

Took a nap and felt quite a bit better afterward. Dinner was pan-fried herb tilapia with rice and veggies.

There is currently a spiced pear oat cake in the oven. Hopefully that will turn out tasty. I made spiced pear oat cake. It is tasty.

I also managed to finish the second iteration of the Drama game. The tokens and cards are all cut, the photos are printed, and it’s just waiting on people to try it. Hopefully that’ll be this coming Wednesday.

Yesterday afternoon was also a bit of fail. I went to Costco and bought a 750GB ultraportable hard drive that was on sale at $100 from $130. Brought it home, looked it up on Amazon, saw the 3-star review, and walked back to return it. They apparently refund cash, so then I had to walk to an ATM to deposit the money back in my account. Whee. On the plus side, I also bought a brie, on sale at $4.
Spent the evening sitting in Yerba Buena gardens and watching the water and felt a little better. Also soaked in the hot tub for a bit and felt more better. Went to bed early only to have a nightmare and be woken up at 2 AM. Was able to sleep again at 3 only to have another nightmare. My mind hates me this week.

Also? Parents are awesome. <3 you guys. :)