Mmm chicken

I made tasty chicken today. It was really easy too.

1 chicken quarter (or breast, or two drumsticks)
One medium can crushed tomatoes
1/2 cup Southwestern mix frozen vegetables (corn, beans, red and green peppers)
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup uncooked rice
Spices to taste

Place chicken, tomatoes, veggies, water, and spices into a pot. Simmer on low heat for at least 5 hours (mine simmered for 8). About an hour before serving, add uncooked rice. Continue simmering.

Serves two.

Om nom nom nom. :D


That was a rather fitting end to my horrible week, and rather interesting month.

Basically, we had kind of an emergency at work on Wednesday, and I spent the day debugging and fixing it. The scheduled patch release took place from 3 pm until 9 pm (much longer than I’ve seen any patch release go), then we did an e-release for my fix. Things seemed fine, until we realized the patch broke some customers… so it was back into the office to make another fix for another e-release that finished around 3 am. I suppose this release has given us so much trouble that I shouldn’t really be surprised at this point.

Yesterday was the release party, and it was held at Temple with an open bar. I proceeded to get fairly drunk… turns out having 5 drinks in the first hour, then another 2 before leaving is probably not the best of plans, particularly when my previous record was 3 in about an hour and a half. Still, the result was drunk karaoke at Sharon’s place, which might be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I also apparently drunk texted at least one person. Whee. Also, Chambord on the rocks might be the best drink ever, despite tasting like it’s pure melted sugar. I believe three of my seven drinks were just straight Chambord.

Here are some photos.
(There’s apparently also some video clips of drunk karaoke. I should go look through these at some point.)

Today will be more random fun. Good end to the week. :)

Japanese food and karaoke

Yesterday was a very nice departure from the normal monotony.
There was awesome Japanese food at Kappou Gomi.

Then there was real karaoke at Do Re Mi (where we, of course, did “Don’t Stop Believin'”) followed by Karaoke Revolution at Sharon’s/Charles’ apartment.

More photos are here.
Many, many thanks to Sharon and Charles for organizing things.

I also made a few tasty things yesterday. I experimented with peanut butter and jelly brownies. They didn’t end up half bad, although the jelly kind of crystalized and got rather strange to eat. I also made mac and cheese with veggies… pretty basic and easy, but tasty. I also bought like a pound of deli turkey to snack on, and it’s already over half gone. Mmm meat.

Today will be awesome tasty Mexican food for lunch.

I’m feeling much better. :)