Photo Firsts (Dan and Mars)

Life has gotten another month of updates. (It might have more by tonight, depending on what I feel like doing today.) It also now has comment capabilities, since Jeff requested it.

My first photo of Dan from October 29, 2004:

This is from the SCS Halloween party.

My first photo of Mars from February 26, 2005:

This is from Matt’s birthday.

In both cases, I knew them before I had a photo of them (Dan from being Matt’s roommate and Mars from being Apphia’s roommate), which is extremely unusual for me.


Life has received another small update. I’m glad people are enjoying it.

I had a doctor visit today (for a specific issue, but they also did a general exam). Ended up getting a vaccination and getting blood drawn. Fortunately today only took two attempts (I have incredibly small veins, so it’s really hard to get blood out of them) and they succeeded with one in my forearm (which hurts much more than at the joint… ugh). Meh.

Yeah, that’s really it. Whee.

Work and life

Life has gotten a rather large update, and also a favicon (because Tim was complaining about it not having one).

Worked the Sandbox release this weekend. On the security side, it seemed mostly quiet, which was awesome. Got a few bug fixes and such done. Yay releases.

Life (the thing I’m living, not the site) has been mostly normal and quiet, otherwise.


My respect for Obama grows by the day.

This one in particular is awesome. It basically forces all presidents (former or current) to consult with the AG before taking executive privilege.

There are also some orders about FOIA that return the interpretation to the Clinton days, except this time with an executive order backing it. All of this in addition to the stuff you’ve probably already heard about, such as banning torture by the CIA, closing Guantanamo, and restoring funding to abortion-friendly institutions.
Also stuff about lobbyists serving on his staff (they can’t) or former staff members lobbying former colleagues (they can’t).

Consider me impressed.

Edit: Here‘s a good summary.

Public meme

Edit: Life has received an update. Just FYI.

The first three people to respond to this will receive a photograph, dedicated to them. It could be of anything, but it will be something that reminds me of you, that is symbolic or meaningful in some way.

The catch is, you have to post something similar to your journal, tailored of course to fit your particular area of ‘expertise’: poetry, prose, art, whatever floats your boat.

Please include an email address in your comment, or somehow otherwise get an email address to me, if you are one of the first three. I’ll post smaller versions here, but I want to email you the full version.
Also, it is possible I will not get to these in the next week, as I am on release duty this weekend.