Liek ZOMGZ cards!

I feel like listing all the different TCGs I own here, just for the sake of doing so. Alphabetical order, for ease of searching.
A (Yes) next to the game name indicates that I have played the game at least once. Plusses indicate how much I play the game (beyond “once”).
A (C) indicates I own additional cards for the game (i.e. bought more than a box of starter decks) and plusses indicate large additional purchases of cards.
A (ND) indicates a game that I don’t have decks for (usually because starters are randomized and I haven’t built decks yet).

  • .hack//ENEMY TCG (Yes+++) (C+++)
  • Austin Powers TCG (Yes; but it was so bad we didn’t finish the first game)
  • Babylon 5 TCG
  • Battlestar Galactica TCG
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG
  • Case Closed TCG (C+) (ND)
  • Clout Fantasy CTG (Yes)
  • Dragon Ball Z CCG (Yes+) (C+)
  • Dragon Ball Z TCG (Yes) (C++)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist TCG (Yes)
  • Genio Card Game
  • Gundam War CCG (Yes)
  • Harry Potter TCG (Yes)
  • Hecatomb TCG (Yes) (C)
  • Inuyasha TCG
  • Knights of the Zodiac TCG (Yes)
  • Neopets TCG
  • Pokemon TCG (Yes+++) (C+++)
  • Rifts CCG
  • Spycraft CCG (Yes)
  • Star Trek CCG (Yes+) (C++++)
  • Star Trek CCG Second Edition (Yes+) (C)
  • Terminator TCG (Yes)
  • Tribbles CCG (Yes)
  • UFS (Yes) (C)
  • VS
  • X-Files TCG (C) (ND)
  • X-Men TCG
  • Yu Yu Hakusho TCG (Yes)

Additional games that I’ve played but do not own:

  • Magic: The Gathering TCG
  • Redemption TCG
  • World of Warcraft TCG

Given that my goal is to play every TCG that I own at least once (what would be the point of buying starters otherwise?), anyone up for some of the ones not marked with (Yes)? I have all of them here with me in SF with the exception of X-Files and X-men.

Additionally, games that I’ve created:
(C) is how much I worked on the game, lack of one means I’ve only hammered out basic rules for the game and haven’t actually created cards.
(ND) indicates that I don’t have printed decks.
(I) indicates that the game was never finished to the point of being playable.
(P) indicates the game is still in the process of being created.

Descriptions of the older ones can be found here.

Christmas and Life

Christmas this year was amazing. I think it was the first time I’ve had a real (where “real” implies a tree and presents and various Christmas-y things) Christmas since early high school. It was nice just being able to do nothing all day and play games with people… and there was lots of tasty tasty food and wine (the kind I like) and sweets.

I also got presents: a nice t-shirt, a photo album with sticky pages, a ton of tasty gummies, and one giant spherical squishy shark (which is quite possibly the best thing ever). His name is Cat because I have a blue stuffed dog named Poop, and Greg suggested the name so I could tell him to “Eat Poop, you Cat”.

I also bought myself another $70-ish of card games. There’s starter decks for WARS, Rifts CCG, Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) CCG, and Babylon 5 TCG. There’s also a standalone Tribbles CCG box (which got some play over Christmas and is a very simple, yet surprisingly fun, game), a box of Hecatomb starters, and 5 boxes of .hack//ENEMY booster packs (one of each of the five sets; mainly because I love opening and sorting cards and these were cheap, since I already have a nearly complete set of all 5 expansions). These games should get played at some point, if anyone around here is interested.
Also, I think I am now getting hooked on Nertz–a variant of Solitare that involves players playing on each other’s Ace piles–after playing lots of games of it over this past week.

Also, someone sent me a fetus-shaped cookie cutter in the mail. This is probably the most bizarrely awesome present I’ve ever gotten, but I don’t know who it’s from. Who sent me this? Thank you!

Tomorrow I have work again. This is going to feel really weird.

Tomorrow after work will be grocery shopping. I need to get some spinach and mushrooms to make frittata with my remaining eggs. I’ll probably get some chicken to marinate and bake too.

I still need to post photos from Big Basin and the PPL Potluck party. They’re batched and processed but I’m being lazy in transferring them over to this computer and uploading them. I’ll try and do so tomorrow.

Best. Party. Ever.

OMG, best Christmas party EVER.

Salesforce’s holiday party this year was held here.
That basically means that we have free reign of the entire center plus the planetarium and 3D theatre and, interspersed around the exhibits were tons of fancy food and booze stations… and outside in the garden there was a huge buffet table of gourmet desserts and a dance floor.


No photos because I didn’t take my camera (I’m so glad I didn’t though), but I am so full and so amazingly happy and I love my company so much. :D

Internet fail

Got a pop up notification that my laptop needed to install some required SFDC updates. Fine, whatever. Did so, then it asked me to reboot when convenient, so I figured that would be fine.
Windows boots back up, and suddenly the UI is screwed up and, more importantly, I can’t connect to the internet anymore (it doesn’t get past the “Acquring Network Address” part).
So I bring the laptop to work (it’s raining right now too, argh) to file a helpdesk ticket and leave it here for tomorrow. Boot it up to reproduce the symptoms so I can write a better ticket and, lo and behold, it suddenly works. UI is fixed and network acquiring is happy. WTF.

So yeah, if it’s something about my home network, then I won’t be online for the rest of the day (and possibly Monday) until this gets fixed.

Edit: Fixed now, it seems. How incredibly odd.