Today was lots of errands.

Got my flu shot this morning, then went to look for new shoes, pants, and pillows. Bought none of the above, although I found a really nice dress shirt (kind of a muted lime green) that I want, but it was $17 which is $7 more than I spend on clothes, so meh.

Afterward went to vote. Was torn up until the end about whether to vote Obama (not my first choice, but he’s the only viable candidate and I want to give him all the support he can get against McCain, whom I consider to be a disgrace at this point) or a third-party that I agreed with more. Meh.
I still think proposition R is the best ballot measure ever. The argument/rebuttal on that page are actually what was mailed to voters as part of the election materials. Awesomeness.
(Yes, it was pointed out that naming something useful after him may not be entirely appropriate, but I don’t think there’s anything blatantly offensive, destructive, or useless in the city that we can name after him, so this seems good enough.)

Went to the bookstore for a while and read a couple novels.

Then did laundry. Most people separate whites and colors… I really should separate greens and other colors. Probably 3/4 of my load was green clothes. Awesomeness.

That was my relatively boring day. At least I used the hell out of my $1.50 bus pass (6 trips).

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