Today was the Folsom Street Fair and it was rather interesting. Lots of nakedness, lots of tied up people, lots of leather.

I’ve been making tasty foods lately. Yesterday and today were avocado-and-egg wraps for lunch and sausage-and-broccoli pasta for dinner. Also been eating lots of oranges and pears. Om nom nom nom.

Yeah. I probably won’t be posting pictures from today for fear of violating my webhost’s terms of service, but you’re welcome to ask me for some.

McCain fail

McCain, WTF is wrong with you?

Stop playing politics. Seriously. Stop.
You were losing ground in the polls because you fail at handling the economy, and you decide that pulling something like this is the best way to make you seem like you’re on top of the situation.
Thank god Obama is calling you out on your shenanigans.

Between this, your outright lies in your ads, and your dirty campaign, I have lost all respect for you and what you stand for. You used to be the politician I respected the most… always spoke his mind, stood for his beliefs and what was right, and never yielded. Now you’re worse than Bush.

Now I hope to god that the nation isn’t so blinded that they won’t see this blatant political move for what it is.

Also, good job Congress for not passing Bush’s irresponsible bailout bill. Now find a way to fix it.

Edit: I see what ur doin thar.
If it’s really so important that you don’t debate this Friday, why didn’t you suggest that the VP debate take place this Friday instead and the debate between you and Obama take place when the VP debate was scheduled for? After all, it’s not like Palin has to be back in Congress for photo ops to politically benefit from fix the economic mess despite not being on the committee in charge of negotiating the bailout.

Edit edit:

Mr. Letterman told his audience that Senator McCain had called him directly on short notice Wednesday, to tell him he had to cancel his appearance.

Mr. Letterman said Mr. McCain had said the economy was “about to crater” which necessitated that he get to Washington right away.

[Mr. Letterman’s] critique reached a high point when he learned that at the very moment Mr. McCain was supposed to be on the couch next to him being interviewed, the senator was at the CBS News center three blocks away in Manhattan, getting ready to be interviewed by the CBS News anchor, Katie Couric.

I am so incredibly disgusted right now.
Video here.


All the big problems in the world are suddenly on my mind, for some unknown reason, causing insomnia and general contemplation.

What is wrong with humanity?

Also, RE: yesterday’s post, thank god Congress isn’t totally fiscally irresponsible. Yet. (Link stolen from Zeke.)

Edit: I need to stop reading news sites. Everything I read just makes me lose more faith in humanity. I suppose that means I should go to bed or something. Blah.


The economy is exploding (or, I suppose, imploding).

Presidential candidates: Stop arguing over whose fault it is and give us a good plan to fix it.

Congress: Plz to not be spending $700 billion of our tax dollars propping up failing businesses. You passed laws that made this mess in the first place… can’t you find ways to fix it without spending quite so much?

Also, unrelated, hear hear.

Card games, work, and thou

This weekend was the Salesforce 156 Sandbox release. It was the first release I was working for, and it was pretty exciting. Friday night there was downtime and I got to monitor application errors and such after the upgrade. Then I went into work Saturday and Sunday (I live so close I figured it was easier to do that than stay at home and use VPN) in case I was needed for bug fixes.
Fortunately, the release seemed to go well. My team didn’t get any bugs and the e-release that went out yesterday seemed fairly straightforward.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing Vegas Showdown online with Tim, Greg, Mars, Dan, and Keith (though not all at the same time). Managed to win for the first time today… it came down to the last renovate where I was able to move the Space Age Sports Book next to the Fancy Lounge and score an additional 6 fame from completed diamonds… won over Tim by 1 point.

Besides that, I’ve been working a bit on the RPG Get! Card Game. The first set is going to be PSO Episode 1. I’m rather excited about it… most of the basic spells and weapons now have cards (I need to get screenshots of a couple more weapons, but then I should be good) and I have monsters up through Mines complete. I need to work on Mission and Character cards though. If I continue working at this pace, I should have a tenative base set posted for playtesting sometime next weekend.

I’ve also been sporatically opening DBZ TCG boosters (7 boxes left, which will be opened next month). The distribution overall seems rather skewed. It’s not unexpected that, out of the 36 boosters I’ve opened, I have duplicates of some rares (despite the fact that I’m still missing over 2/3 of the rares) and uncommons… but the fact that I have 6 copies of some of the common cards while I have none of some other commons and that I have 4 copies of some uncommon cards while I’m still missing about 1/4 of them makes me feel like they purposely skew towards the basic attacks (Blue, Black, Red) and certain characters (the humans, mostly) while skimping on the more interesting cards (Saiyan, Namekian, Orange attacks and non-human characters).
I suppose we’ll see how the overall distribution ends up after 10 boxes.

I need to revisit Student Wars v2 and rebalance GPA. The game still seems incredibly skewed towards kill-counter win, and that needs to be fixed. Has anyone besides me actually tried it yet?