HP laptop fail

Well, so my personal laptop appears to be fairly junked at this point. The battery now has 0% capacity (more likely something broke in the hardware such that the battery no longer supplies power, given that it still had plenty of battery power as recently as early July) so pulling the plug on it is a hard power off.
Besides that, it currently is unable to access the internet (through either a wired connection or the built-in wireless), is massively prone to overheating (and will hard power off when it does so) even when raised up on cups to let air circulate, and will often hard power off for no apparent reason (not due to overheating). Also, yes, the fan is working… it’s loud as hell and also comes on at random times when the computer isn’t doing anything.

All that and the laptop is only about 2 years old. Meh.

Don’t ever buy HP… they’re reasonably cheap and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re crap.

They also don’t come with install disks but instead a recovery partition… so you can either clean install from your own OS disk and lose all the applications (and have to manually find drivers online–the main reason I didn’t just install Ubuntu on it when I first got it) or use the partition to restore to factory specs (no other option). Also the preinstalled OS is horribly bloated with HP junk so restoring to factory specs isn’t going to give you the clean install you want.

I really should buy a desktop computer soon to replace this (the Inspiron 530 looks interesting) so I have something to use besides my work computer. I’m tempted to wipe it and install Ubuntu if/when I get it… and use VMWare or similar to run Windows XP in it for Photoshop and stuff (because wine seems like a huge pain to get working right). Someone who’s used VMWare before: How exactly does it work? Do I install it and then tell it to install XP from a disk I have or something?

But meh, I feel bad spending money on a new computer no matter how much I may need/want it. (Sticker shock, I suppose… not used to spending large amounts of money at once.) I feel like I get more stingy with each passing day.


I has cards!
This isn’t all of them because the shipment was short 4 boxes of DBZ TCG base set (the boring brown boxes in the back). Have to contact them on Tuesday about those.

I’m trying to decide how to ration these out between 3 months so I have cards to open each month (good thing that September starts on Monday).
I’ve already opened 1 box of DBZ starters (not sure what to do with the other 4…) and the Hecatomb boosters. I’ll open maybe one more thing today (which will probably be the Inuyasha starters) and figure out what I want to open for September later.

Also, Hecatomb boosters have 13 cards (nice) distributed in a 9/3/1 common/uncommon/rare fashion (not so nice). I fully expect to have 14 copies of some of the commons by the time I’m through this box of 24 boosters… and I also expect to be missing cards from the 72 card set. Meh.

Also also, DBZ TCG looks like it’s a lot better than the old DBZ CCG… my only concern is that it seems each character needs their own physical attack lookup table now. Each of the 6 characters that have starter decks (Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa) comes with a table, but what happens when I have other characters from boosters (Gohan, Trunks, Bulma)? Maybe they’re just not allowed to use attacks with AT damage values?

Also yay 3 day weekend!
Is anyone down in Mountain View planning something?

Edit: So both issues seem to have been accounted for. Hecatomb (at least my box) had one copy of each of the 24 rares in the 24 booster packs, so I got a complete set in one box. Also, all of the DBZ TCG physical attack lookup tables are the same (don’t know why I didn’t notice this before) so any physical attack table can be used for any character.

So yeah, I’m excited about some of these games. Someone should play with me at some point :D

Vee Pee

Sarah Palin, huh?

Well crap.

I remember back when Greg and I were talking about potential Republican VP picks, and I came across her name as one of the potential picks.
I remember actually liking her, and wishing she was running for president instead of McCain.
Now that she’s the VP… I’m really not sure how I feel about this… and that scares me, since I most definitely don’t want McCain to win, but I generally consider myself a Republican-hater (I’m all for fiscal conservativism and social moderateness, but modern Republicans are neither) and I don’t hate her.


Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin

This’ll be interesting.

Read Read

Reading old journal entries is fun. It’s always interesting to see how your writing style changes, how your interests change… also who leaves comments and how the people who follow your journal change.

Highlights include the entire high school PPA school board fighting, college applications, musings about work and being a waiter, rants about Arizona drivers, notes about general PPA TCG development and creation, thoughts about college, and complaints about homework. Awesome.
Rebalancing PPA TCG! :D

Also, leaving people behind after you graduate and hearing about them/visiting them (high school, and now college) always sucks. Bleh.
At least I’m feeling the same way now as I did when I finished high school a year early.

Of course, perhaps 12:30 wasn’t the best time to start reading old entries. 2 AM, work tomorrow… I should probably sleep now.

Edit: Okay, 2:30, definetly sleep tiems now.

Blllluuuueeeeee!. I need to start dying my hair again.

Edit edit: List of card games I’ve made, current at the time. To that add Zeke’s Nose, the DDR TCG, the STD TCG, the Cluster Card Game, the Combined TCG, RPG Get!, and Student Wars v2, the latter two of which are still in progress.

Combined TCG site

I’ve rewritten the rules to (hopefully) be a littler cleared and put up a basic website for the Combined TCG attempt. Also added translations for a couple more games.

Feedback, suggestions, whatever… all appreciated.


Alan: I tried a translation of Magic over (wasn’t a fan of distinguishing effects by card color or card types by creature type), but any suggestions/tweaks/alternate translations would be awesome.

One concern I have is that maybe the .hack translation is overpowered initiative-wise, since we have monsters with 10+ strength. That said, most .hack monsters have lower strengths, and the point of this isn’t to require massive collecting before you can play (you can only have one of each card in your deck anyway). Any thoughts on correcting for that?
Maybe it isn’t necessary to correct since having high initiative isn’t always a good thing.