More OS

OS is going very well.
Our thread library now passes all tests, a week early (it’s not due until next Friday). Our mutexes, condition variables, and semaphores have all been tested. Everything seems to be working. This is awesome.
We are going to make a bunch of improvements to it… for example, thr_exit() currently does not clean up its memory (we leave that work to thr_join(), which is kinda not a good idea). We also want to generally clean up and optimize our code and replace our slow linked lists with faster BSTs. Woot.

Other stuff has been awesome too. Life has been full of interviews lately with very interesting companies. Hopefully I’ll actually have a job after I graduate. This would be good.

Student Wars v2 is coming along. I’m almost done with the base set, I think. People should help me playtest sometime (this weekend?).

OS and life

I’ve been seriously neglecting this journal (as well as most of my website). Meh.

My life has been full of work, interviews, and OS.
OS, in particular, is amazing and awesome, but is consuming my life like no other class ever has before. We are in the midsts of P2, the thread library. It’s harder than it might look and/or sound… but holy crap is it fun.

My parents came to visit this weekend, along with my aunt and grandpa. It was lots of fun. There was a Costco run. I now have something like 10 pounds of chicken, 2 pounds of salmon, boxes upon boxes of snacks, a huge cake (now half-eaten), and more shampoo and conditioner and soap than I will use in two years. It was also nice seeing them again… it’s been a while.

I bought Psych Season 1. Unfortunately, it came the day before P2 came out, and so I haven’t really had time to watch it. Blar.

Work is going well. I’m doing (more) unit testing for the API refactoring.

I also have a decent number of interviews, although the two places I’m really, really interested in haven’t contacted me, and I’m thinking it’s unlikely they will. Meh.

Back to OS.

Wedding, TOC, and Foo

I haven’t updated this in a while. I suppose I should.

This past weekend I went to the wedding of one of Greg’s undergrad friends. It was the first wedding I’d been to in a while… and it was beautiful. The reception was held at a playground, which was quite possibly the best idea ever… we swung on the swings and climbed the jungle gym between food. Some people played frisbee.
They had a wedding pie instead of a wedding cake (pecan-pumpkin wedding pie!) and it was quite tasty.
Overall, it was a very nice experience.

I came back on Sunday and almost immediately headed to Tech Sunday. The entire thing was such a waste of time… the presentations didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know, and the networking session was a disaster… companies only sent a single recruiter so I ended up waiting in line for Yahoo! for over an hour and a half only to be turned away when the event ended before reaching the front. There were also generally rude and pushy people who cut in line and it made the entire experience hellish for me.
I suppose overall it wasn’t as bad as Microsoft’s info session last Wednesday and I actually came home and cried after. I hate large crowds of people. I hate large crowds of people in confined spaces. I hate large crowds of rude, pushy people in confined places. Meh.

Today was the TOC. I was not looking forward to it… this entire job search thing for me hasn’t gone terribly well, and I think I’m sick of being in a sea of people.
Nevertheless, it didn’t go terribly… I wish more companies would be interested in me, but meh, that is life.

OS P1 went decently. I had it done on Friday, did a bit more tweaking and debugging before the deadline yesterday. Wheee.


My laptop is now running Ubuntu. Besides the issue with getting the wireless card working, everything’s been fine. I may never go back to Windows… this laptop is running faster than it ever has before, and the OS uses less than 3 GB of space.

So yeah, wheee.

410 P1 looks amazing. I’ve read over the documentation and will hopefully finish the console (and keyboard?) drivers tomorrow.

Look, it’s a post!

I haven’t made any posts in a while. I suppose I should.

Nothing has really been happening in life. There was a second week of classes. It was fun.
OS p0 went okay. P1 is out. I need to start it tonight.
Pen-based computing is easy and interesting and awesome.
Work continues to be filled with awesome.
I’m out taking photos again… CS Volleyball on Fridays is awesome to photograph.
Personal life is amazing and makes me so happy.

My life is full of amazing and happy and win.