Work, water, Wean, and wars (of students)

Work has been awesome lately. I’ve been writing more unit tests (the fun kind), and I often find myself wishing I could work more hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and wishing that I could work fewer hours on Tuesdays. I might re-adjust my schedule to be 5 hours every day instead of the current 4/8/4/4. That would be awesome, except it would mean I work until 5 on Mondays and Wednesdays.

In case you haven’t heard (i.e. you aren’t a CMUer), a water main broke in Oakland today, leaving all of campus and most of the area around campus without water. Fairfax still had water (albeit with weakened water pressure), but Greg and I went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for dinner instead anyway, as there were notices that we shouldn’t use water unless absolutely necessary. So yeah… good times.
See here for a lovely piccar of the street exploded.

So yeah, as a result of that, they shut down the clusters (no AC without water) and server rooms, so I was left unable to really continue doing my OS project. I’m fairly confident about the idea though… so I shouldn’t be too terribly worried about the actual implementation. In any case, I have this (extended) weekend to do it, and it isn’t due until next Wednesday.
I also worked on (finished?) my first pen-based computing assignment today: a tablet PC version of tic tac toe. Unfortunately, I can’t get the program to run due to a security error. I should figure out why eventually.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on Student Wars v2 lately. After I make a few more GPA cards, some core Events, and a couple Rules, I think it will be ready for playtesting. Hopefully this will be much more balanced than Student Wars was… and not in the boring “everyone is on equal ground” kind of way, but in the “each of the four primary factions have a specific strength” kind of way. Exciting.

Life is amazing.

Photos from House Wars last week, since I haven’t posted them yet:

It’s almost 2 AM. I should probably be asleep.

Blah busses and classes

I hate the bus system sometimes. It took me about 75 minutes from the time I left work today until I got home… when the trip to/from my workplace is about an 8 minute drive. First the bus was over 30 minutes late… when it finally did come, 3 of them came in a row (one right after the other). Then we got stuck behind another bus such that we stopped at least once at every light. After we lost that bus, many people got on and off at every stop such that we still stopped at each light. So yeah… Bleh.

Today was the second OS class session. We already got our first project, and I’m worried about it. Meh. Besides that, nothing much has been happening. My first session of my other class is tomorrow (Pen-based Computing), and should be exciting. Work has been uneventful and filled with unit test awesomeness.

Besides that, life has been good. Wheee.


Classes start on Monday. I’m kinda excited.
This is my schedule. Only 18 units, but I’ll also be working part-time at the same place where I worked this summer. I’m looking forward to both my classes, and to having a steady income as well. Also, my job is awesome.

Not much is going on. I started work on Student Wars v2 on Thursday, and it’s coming along… somewhat. Let me know if you’re possibly interested in playtesting or something. I dunno. I reworked much of the mechanics and I want to make sure the game is still balanced and everything.

I’ve been photographing various parts of orientation for yearbook. I went to House Wars yesterday… it’s just as loud and obnoxious as I remember it from Freshman year. I’m sure some people have the time of their lives there, but it’s just not my thing.

Yeah, not much going on. People are coming back on campus, which is awesome. Tonight is halfprice with Tim, Apphia, Ian, Greg, and (maybe) Keith.

My life is amazing and happy. :D


You know you love your job when you wake up on the first day of your break (I’m off of work until next Monday) and find yourself wishing you were going into work today.
Relatedly, last night’s build broke. It might be my fault, but I have no way of checking as to *what* broke the build from home. As such, I’m hoping I don’t get a chicken in my email, or I’ll have to go in and fix the build.

Woke up at 7:30 like usual this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep (I fail at this “sleeping in” thing). As a result, I’ve been lurking around teh intarwebs and posting photos. The galleries from Colorado, Twins Days, Toronto, and playfair are now up. Whee!

So yeah, nothing much has been going on in my life besides work, food, and sleep… which I suppose is why I haven’t been posting lately. I’m really happy though. Whee. Life has been full of awesome.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with these three whole days I have to myself. I should probably work on Student Wars v2 and/or CMU Adventures (does anyone actually play that anymore?).

I have the urge to do random portraits. Does anyone want to model for me?

Toronto day 3

Today has been spent traveling the city by subway and streetcar, which has been awesome. I love the public transportation system here… you’re literally waiting 2 minutes or less for a subway or streetcar, no matter where you’re going.

America’s drinking age of 21 is dumb. Booze is good. I had a rum and cola with lunch today (and was tempted to order some triple sec with orange juice or something) at a pub, and went to a liquor store and bought some orange/pineapple wine to have with the leftover brie as a snack. I also have a bottle of hard raspberry lemonade in the fridge awaiting sometime when I’ve had fewer than 2.5 drinks in a half hour.
Drinking is good. Drinking in excess is not. I think this is something a lot of college students need to figure out. Meh.
In any case, I haven’t gotten carded once while here. I guess I look significantly older than 19.

Tonight (rather soon, actually), we’ll take the ferry to the island south of Toronto and hang around there a bit, hopefully getting photos of the sunset.
There will be plenty of piccars posted to photos 2 eventually.