Work, day 3

Today went a little more productively… I got assigned my first task. It’s really difficult, not because of the complexity of what I’m supposed to do, but because the data I need to do it is so hard to find. I spent all of today googling various terms to try and find what I needed… with no luck. Instead, I’m going to adapt some similar data (by making up random values for certain fields) into the needed data instead.

Besides that, not much happening.
I want to go to bed…

Work, day 2

I probably should have updated yesterday. Meh.
My first two days of work were mostly uneventful. I haven’t really done much beyond the basic training and learning about the systems.
I’m going to be working on CoMotion, the infrastructure that powers basically everything that Viz does, so I’ve spent some time reading over the documentation of the software. I hope I’ll get to start poking around the code soon. They use Preforce for source control, which will be a little weird to get used to, but it seems kinda awesome.

The environment is really weird… since Viz was originally a part of Maya and then was bought by General Dynamics and integrated into its C4 Systems department, it has the feel of a very small startup where everyone is friendly and approachable, but there are huge hurdles to even the most basic things that make you realize it’s part of a huge, scary corporation.
For example, I needed to install the Java Development Kit and an IDE today, but I don’t have admin rights to my computer. I had to fill out a 4 page form that will get reviewed by my manager and his boss and his boss and the IT department at GD before I will get those rights. In the meantime, I had to call the corporate helpdesk and convince them to install the software for me. What a pain.

Besides work, not much has been happening. I really should work more on Student Wars, but between work and certain personal commitments, I have no time to do much of anything else. Maybe this weekend.

Alisa, Greg, and I went photoing yesterday.


I wonder how many people remember the “I want a standing ovation” thing from freshman orientation. Meh.
I was browsing through photos for Student Wars and came across some orientation pictures, and it reminded me of that.
In any case, Loose Ends is slightly more than half done. If I’m not lazy this upcoming weekend, I can probably have it out by Monday… not that anyone really cares anyway.

The flight yesterday was mostly uneventful. There was an interesting kid behind me in line at the security checkpoint, but I’ve already written about this in my LJ, and I don’t really want to repost it here.

Super-special bonux thank you points go to Klipper for picking me up from the airport yesterday. Really, you made things a lot easier for me, and made it so I had time to do cluster games and everything. Thanks :D

Alan playing Starcraft.

According to Facebook, I now know 6 Alans (besides myself; plus one Allan). Interesting, especially given that 4 of them have been in this past year.

Tonight should be good. In fact, most of today should be good if I manage to actually contact all the people I’ve been wanting to contact and who have been wanting to contact me.


So this is kinda weird. It happened in the school district my mom worked in.
What is wrong with the world?

My mouth is better. I can mostly eat normally now. Went out to lunch with Pat and David today. Went out for yummy Ethiopian food last night with my parents. I have holes in my gums though, and I have to use a srynge (sp) thing to clean them. It’s kinda disconcerting to stick a needle-like thing into your gums and shoot water in there. Meh.

I got three bug bites over the week. The one on my hand got all big and puffy and could be infected. Saw the doctor again to get a prescription for an antibiotic. Bleh.

Kelly’s new single is awesome. I’ve been listening to it for the past few days. The single that Jordin Sparks (the new American Idol–she’s from Arizona!) is releasing is also awesome, and I’ll have to get it when it comes out. Also, Kelly’s new album comes out in a month. Can’t wait!

I head home on Sunday. I’m excited. Arizona is kinda boring since everyone is always too busy to do stuff. Meh.
Also, I get certain happy peoples on Monday evening, and that is awesome.

I typed this entire (fragmented) entry with my right hand (the other is in an ice pack and elevated). Wheee.

Poo (on you)

I need to remember not to smile, since it stretches my mouth in ways I’m not quite sure it’s ready for yet.

In any case, I’m feeling a lot better. I’ve been off painkillers since Saturday, and haven’t had any readily apparent problems. Hopefully, that means I’m healing correctly.

Pat came over yesterday and we watched some Battlestar Galactica.

I finished up the season myself last night, and oh god, the last episode of season 1 is the most terrible cliffhanger I’ve ever seen.

They’re not allowed to end like that! :(

Nothing much else happening. I haven’t been at all productive as far as Student Wars or CMU Adventures goes, but I’ve been spending most of my time sleeping, so meh.
I’ll probably get around to adding a least a little more to adventures this week. After all, there needs to be something to do after you beat the first boss.

Besides generally being lethargic though, life has been full of happy lately. Certain peoples are completely awesome and make me feel special and cared for. :)

6 days until I head home. Whee.