Why is life so amazing? :)

I did more work today on CMU Adventures. I added a messaging system so you can send messages to other players, and will soon extend it to include a public message board system where you can alternately post messages that anyone can read. Any help debugging that would be appreciated. Also, magic has generally been rebalanced as to be less abusive… let’s see how that works out.

Last night was happiness, spending time with awesome people and having random conversations. I think the more time passes, the more I’m loving just spending time with and being around friends. This is a good thing.
Also, spending time with >friend is also always a good thing. ^_^

Also, I got my official job offer today in the mail, and accepted it. I start work on May 28th, so I’ll be back here in Pittsburgh a bit before then. I’ll be working as a developer with General Dynamics. Sounds kinda awesome… my first real developer position. Kinda scared though.

Also, I promised Rolf I wouldn’t post pictures until people lost interest, but there was a Kesden/Rolf newspaper fight in teh clustar yesterday and I have pictures, so you should ask me if you want to see them.

Wheee, yay for Super Smash Brothers with huge turnip things :D

Tonight is 8’s ITG party of awesome and win. Yay for life!

Schedule’d and Carnival’d

I registered this morning at 8:30. Got all the classes I wanted (first time since Freshman year… yay for being a Senior). Schedule here… Yes, I know there’s a conflict. I’ll be skipping databases recitation because I’m taking the class pass/fail anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. I was lucky getting Pen Based Computing… the class size is 10 people.

There was a Carnival weekend.

All piccars can be found here


The past 3 days, in particular the past 24 hours, in particular the past 7 hours have been among the best, most amazing, happiest times of my life.

Carnival has been happening. A few pictures are up at photos, and I’ll post more logical tomorrow sometime. Seeing all the booths and walking Midway was fun.
This morning was Mobot and buggy sweepstakes. I went and photographed buggy with Greg, and then watched Mobot with Alisa and rlambert and peoples. That was incredibly awesome and fun.
There was more Ukranian (sp?) egg dying with gwillen and peoples that resulted in pretty eggs being made.
Then this evening was dinner and a movie and some interesting conversation and just generally spending time with a certain awesome someone.

Also, I found out today that General Dynamics wants to extend me a summer internship offer. This makes me happy, because it means I’ll get to stay in Pittsburgh this summer (around campus), and yay!

I’m just totally, completely, utterly happy with everything in life right now.

Also, apparently, I’m absorbing nerdiness and cs-major-ness into my skin and developing pasty white nerdflesh, as I actually managed to lightly sunburn myself today after only being outside for a short while.
So weird…


Life’s been good, even if I am a little out of it right now and tired and wanting sleep but having a bit of homework to finish up for tomorrow first.

Booth has been happening in preparation for Carnival this upcoming weekend. Alas, I don’t have a group to build booth for this year (KGB isn’t doing one)… but perhaps this is for the best as I have way too much work that needs to be done.

Last night was a fun pizza and games party with Tim, Keith, Mars, and Greg. Yay for yummy pizza and the company of awesome friends!

CMU Adventures has had a bit more content added (three more monsters and a few more items in Wean 4). Check if out if you have a chance. As always, feedback is appreciated.

Yeeeah, I have more I want to write, but my eyes are starting to shut and have trouble focusing on the screen, so I should probably finish up this presentation and then shower and sleep.
Life is awesome and happy and good :)