Photo Stats

It’s been a while, both for this journal and for photo stats. However, in the past few weeks we’ve finally managed to cross the 450,000 photo mark, so here’s some new stats and graphs to celebrate!

First, the table of photos by camera. The last several months, in particular, have seen me shift from carrying my iPod and a DSLR (D90 or D7100), to my work iPhone and a DSLR, and finally to primarily relying on my work iPhone. The camera quality, at this point, is decent enough for what I shoot (random snapshots), and a phone is a lot easier to carry around than a DSLR. The shutter releases are also a bit out of control because of *how* I shoot… it’s still a lot simpler for me to take most photos as bursts and sort it out later, which leads to the crazy statistic of me keeping about 6% of all photos “shot” on the iPhone 8 Plus.

Intel Pocket PC camera October 6, 2000 – September 18, 2003 1077 days; 2.95 years 15,829 photos $200 14.7 photos per day 1.26¢ per photo
Olympus C3000 Zoom September 28, 2001 – December 5, 2003 798 days; 2.186 years 10,647 photos $450 13.3 photos per day 4.23¢ per photo
Kodak Easyshare DX6490 December 8, 2003 – March 17, 2006 830 days; 2.274 years 49,413 photos $500 59.5 photos per day 1.01¢ per photo
Nikon D50 March 22, 2006 – November 15, 2009 1334 days; 3.655 years 105,067 photos $570 78.8 photos per day 0.54¢ per photo
+$250 repair cost 0.78¢ per photo
106,916 shutter releases $570 80.15 shutter releases per day 0.533¢ per shutter release
+$250 repair cost 0.77¢ per shutter release
Samsung SL30 July 27, 2009 – December 1, 2016 2684 days; 7.35 years 21,616 photos $70 8.05 photos per day 0.32¢ per photo
Nikon D90
February 26, 2010 – November 30, 2018 3199 days; 8.76 years 208,699 photos $780 65.24 photos per day 0.37¢ per photo
289,872 shutter releases 90.61 shutter releases per day 0.27¢ per shutter release
iPhone 5 June 23, 2013 – December 23, 2014 548 days; 1.5 years 130 photos $0
(Provided by work)
0.24 photos per day 0.00¢ per photo
149 shutter releases 0.27 shutter releases per day 0.00¢ per shutter release
iPhone 6 Plus January 8, 2015 – January 11, 2018 1099 days; 3.01 years 4883 photos $0
(Provided by work)
4.44 photos per day 0.00¢ per photo
23,352 shutter releases 21.25 shutter releases per day 0.00¢ per shutter release
Nikon D7100
December 2, 2015 – December 24, 2018 1118 days; 3.06 years 24,112 photos $620 21.57 photos per day 2.57¢ per photo
64,702 shutter releases 57.87 shutter releases per day 0.96¢ per shutter release
iPod Touch 6 December 2, 2017 – September 28, 2018 300 days; 0.82 years 4955 photos $160 16.52 photos per day 3.23¢ per photo
55,269 shutter releases 184.23 shutter releases per day 0.29¢ per shutter release
iPhone 8 Plus
March 8, 2018 – December 28, 2018 295 days; 0.81 years 4838 photos $0
(Provided by work)
16.4 photos per day 0.00¢ per photo
80,236 shutter releases 271.99 shutter releases per day 0.00¢ per shutter release

Here are the dates on which I took each 25,000th photo as well as the number of days between each 25,000th photo. The data confirm my suspicion that I’m still slowing down on photos.

25,000 50,000 75,000 100,000 125,000 150,000
January 12, 2004 October 20, 2004 April 10, 2006 April 20, 2007 December 4, 2007 February 7, 2009
282 days 537 days 375 days 228 days 431 days
150,000 175,000 200,000 225,000 250,000 275,000
February 7, 2009 July 4, 2009 April 14, 2010 September 4, 2010 June 23, 2011 December 23, 2011
147 days 284 days 143 days 292 days 183 days
275,000 300,000 325,000 350,000 375,000 400,000
December 23, 2011 August 24, 2012 June 2, 2013 February 17, 2014 March 21, 2015 November 13, 2015
245 days 282 days 260 days 397 days 237 days
400,000 425,000 450,000
November 13, 2015 April 29, 2017 December 2, 2018
533 days 582 days

Here’s the usual graphs. First, number of photos taken by month, log scale y-axis:

Same thing but with a linear y-axis (second graph only includes time after graduation from CMU):

Total number of photos taken through time (second graph only includes time after graduation from CMU):

And amount of time between 1000 photos (second graph only includes time after graduation from CMU, so it starts at 131,000):

There’s not much happening otherwise, life-wise. We’re now in the Christmas break time, which is really nice. :)


I almost missed posting this month. Oops.

It’s been a pretty uneventful month full of work and things.

Max and Austin both had birthdays earlier in the month. Max had his head shaved at his.

For Austin’s, we set a monthly record for an escape room (not so great given it was the start of the month) and we had teppanyaki.

There was also recently a Halloween Party at Brian’s!

And Pumpkin carving at John and Cucho’s!

And a Sharon in town to help hand out Halloween candy!

…okay, I guess it’s been a more eventful month than I thought.

Soon it will be November, and soon it will be election time, and both of these things are a little scary to me.

San Francisco, Life, Photo First (David R.)

It’s the end of another four-month period, so life’s stats and journal have been updated.

I’ve added David R. to the stats page, so here’s my first photo of him:

January 12, 2011 in Gates, at Greg’s practice thesis proposal talk.

I was in SF last week for Matt’s wedding.

Being there over a weekend meant I got a chance to do other things, like some bouldering.

I was also there for some work-related training, so it was a week of mostly sitting in a classroom, and some nice meals and syncing with people.

As usual, photos of everything are at photos.

I was also expecting to break 450,000 photos, given the several weddings in a row, but Photoshop Organizer reports I’m only at 447,866 tagged photos. I’ll give stats an update when that threshhold is hit, which should probably be by the end of the year.

Travel Insanity

It’s been a rather exhausting summer, as you can probably tell by the huge number of new galleries that have gone up on my photos site.

In roughly chronological order, starting in mid-July, I flew to Hawaii for William and Sophia’s wedding (and a general nice vacation around it). It was a really nice, and relaxing, time.

After that it was a flight straight to San Francisco for a week of release planning. Now that I’m part of five separate teams, my days were basically solid meetings, but there was still time for drinking after work, and an archery team event. I also took advantage of the free weekend beforehand to make my first visit to Mountain View in quite a few years.

Then it was home for a few days before I was off to Chicago and Madison for my cousin Melissa’s wedding. It was really nice to see my extended family again… it’s been quite a while.

I’ve now been home for a week, which is my longest time at home since I left for Hawaii. But we’re not done yet! This Saturday I am off to San Francisco again (for another wedding, and work-related training). Then it’s another wedding in Boston and a birthday celebration in mid-September.

Oh yeah, and there was a cat birthday party this past weekend. It was nice.

So it goes. September also marks the end of another fourth-month period, as well as a likely time when I’ll break 450,000 photos. We’ll see when I find time to do the usual life stat updates.

Water and a Watery Fourth

I owe some sort of life update or something, probably.

We’ve been having a fairly fun time with the house recently. A few weeks ago we had a super heavy storm that happened to coincide with a planned dinner trip… so of course I got stuck halfway between home and Squirrel Hill when the rain and wind started, and got utterly soaked everywhere. Dinner itself was also generally mediocre, so I wasn’t in a great mood when I got home.

Not to be outdone, I went into the basement to sit for a bit, and was greeted by the sound of dripping water… it was water coming from under the walls in the (unfinished) furnace room, running into the drain. Okay, I guess that’s weird, but whatever. A short while later, there’s dripping from the other (finished) side of the basement, into the drains near the laundry. And lo and behold, there is water coming from there. And everywhere. And the entire space under the stairs and under the router is flooded. Yay our basement is flooded!

So we spent the rest of the night vacuuming up water (hooray for owning a shopvac?), and then had Stanley Steemer come out the next day to assess the damage. Ended up having them pull out and discard the carpet pad, and clean and dry the carpet itself. We still need to have someone come by to install a new carpet pad and re-stretch the carpet, also.

The Fourth of July was a pretty nice affair this year. We went to the pool, and then had some people over afterward to sit in the backyard… so of course it starts to storm again. Enough rain that parts of the basement got more water in them, again, although not nearly as badly as last time. And enough wind that we lose power, for nearly 8 hours. So we had pizza and wine by candlelight, indoors, and it was a surprisingly nice evening anyway. Still, I can’t help but feel like the power loss and more basement water was an appropriate way to celebrate the fourth this year, given the way the country has been going this past year.

Not much else has been happening in life, but with adventures like that, I’m not sure I’d want much else to.