Movie foo

Played something like 5 rounds of DDR/ITG today. The guy I played with (Dan) was trying to add new songs to the ITG machine. It didn’t really work, unfortunately (can you imagine playing neoMAX on the machine? droooolllll), but whatever.

Mark and I decided to be (kinda) spontaneous yesterday and see a movie that neither of us had heard much/anything about… or at least I hadn’t heard anything about… so tonight we had dinner (Uncle Sams subs OMGZ) and saw “An Inconvenient Truth” at the Manor. For something with Al Gore, it was amazingly well done… I was very impressed by it. It could have easily been a complete disaster (a movie tackling the problem of global warming… heh), but was pulled off very well, with some (tasteful) anti-Bush jokes in it.

Um… I guess I didn’t really do much else today. Huzzah for 4 day weekends!
You also get multiple new pictures today because I was lazy and didn’t download pictures off my camera yesterday.
The OSC, June 29

The OSC, June 30

It’s the magical reappearing lightpost… oh noes!!!
Meh, I should’ve gotten a better angle for the second one. Oh well.
Hopefully it’ll be completely gone next week (I will have pictures, obviously).

I also feel bad for not posting any photoshops in a while, but I really like this picture just the way it is, without any photoshopping. All I did was saturate a little to bring out the colors. The red pipes on the brick… mmmmm.
<3 photography