Work, day 20

Work today was kinda slow. I spent most of the morning working on more edge cases for extraction. In the afternoon, I ran various classification experiments to take advantage of the modified tagging. That took about 3 hours to find the optimal algorithms.
Then, all happy, I go to actually create the classifiers.

And get errors.
Well, damn.
So yeah… I basically spent all day getting nothing done. Bleh.

While classification experiments were running, I went and read through my old journal. Read through the 2.5 years of entries. It’s amazing how much my journal has changed and evolved. It’s fun going back and seeing how I was feeling at various times throughout the past few years. Whee. It also occurs to me how boring my journal has gotten. But still, it makes me happy to write about random things, and that’s really the point of this journal.

Dream posts are always fun. Um… so last night I had a dream that I married a porn star. It was very odd. And that’s all I remember, unfortunately.

So I’m feeling really weird today. I’m happy, yes, but there’s a feeling I can’t quite place… nostalgia? Pride? Acceptance? I don’t know.

Tire tracks in mud… so simple, but so pretty.

One thought on “Work, day 20

  1. Boring? How can you say boring? The life of a college student is infinitly more exciting and interesting than that of a high-schooler. Infinitly. Unfathomably more so than infinity…

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