Bleh MSN and Breadcake!

Your little bit of stupidness today comes courtesy of MSN Messenger.
When you add someone to your blocked list, you are apparently also adding them to your contact list. What this means is that, if you block sufficient numbers of people, you can’t add people anymore.
This by itself wouldn’t be too terrible… except you actually can’t delete people from your blocked list. This basically means that, once you block someone, that space on your “contact list” is filled forever. (At least, it is if you are using any normal MSN client to connect, since you can unblock and such, but can’t actually delete entries through the UI.)
Fortunately, I found this tool that will do it for you… but since MSN imposes additional limits on things, you can only remove 40 blocked SNs at once and have to keep resubmitting the page to clean everything out.

Today’s adventure in baking is breadcake.
I had a ton of bread crusts from making finger sandwiches this morning. I decided to try a culinary experiment with them, and it actually turned out really good. Em says it reminds her of cinnamon bread mixed with french toast, which makes sense because it shares most of those ingredients.

Crusts from 1/2 loaf of bread
4 eggs
1/4 cup milk
Cinnamon and sugar to taste

Beat eggs and mix in milk, cinnamon, and sugar. Rip bread crusts into tiny pieces and gradually mix in until crusts are thoroughly coated. Place mixture into small baking container and bake at 375 degrees for 35 minutes. Let cool and slice. Serve with honey.

Also, as promised, here are two of the new Student Wars v2 cards with the redesigned templates: Tim’s FA character card and the new Attachment card type (this particular one attaches to GPA cards).

Today was also the Bay to Breakers parade, which was quite interesting. I have a ton of photos from it, which will eventually be posted to photos 2.

2 thoughts on “Bleh MSN and Breadcake!

  1. You can “only” remove 40 blocked contacts at a time… I didn’t realize that you were pissing off that many people at once ;-)

  2. I’d like the attachment cards to not have the type it attaches to right next to the title, or if it has to be there, find some other way to put it. It makes it seem like, for instance, Breakthrough is a GPA card itself.

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