It’s been an interesting (and busy) week at work. I left work after 6:30 every day this week except Wednesday, when I left at 6 for a baseball game and returned for more work from 9:30 to 10:30.

Monday and Tuesday were some last-minute tweaks to the login page reskin (which you can now view at and other miscellaneous foo. I don’t remember exactly why I stayed late those days now.

Wednesday was a patch release that I got pulled into. Ultimately, they found an issue and rolled back the release. It was also a A’s baseball game with various teammates. $2 tickets and $1 hot dogs are fun.

Thursday was the re-release of the patch, so I had to gackwatch that. After it went out, we found an issue with the new login page that I had caused by checking in an incorrect configuration. This resulted in an emergency release that lasted until 11:30, so I didn’t get home until 11:45. I didn’t mind staying, since I had caused the issue, but felt really bad for all the other people that got pulled into the mess. Meh. I guess we learned some valuable lessons about the importance of peer reviews and testing differences between internal and production environments. And at least the problem didn’t cause any breakages, persay… just annoyance. I’m also incredibly thankful that it was only a small config change, which meant the fix could be deployed in about 2-3 hours instead of requiring a full code release, which takes around 6 hours to stagger.

Today was the Sandbox release. I fortunately didn’t have to work it, but I stayed late anyway for the food and to finish up some refactoring work.

Next week will be similarly busy because I have some stuff I want to finish and get checked in before I leave for Thailand. Hopefully I won’t need to stay late often, though. I’m tempted to go in tomorrow to do some work because there’ll be leftover food from tonight and I really want to get the next project (which is awesome and a lot of fun) done, and also to verify the checkin I made today at 6.

I leave for Thailand for a month on May 23. Internet access will likely be spotty, so you should contact me through email.

I should sleep soon, as it is almost 2:30. I have been working on the redo of Student Wars v2 for the past 3 hours or so. It’s coming along nicely… I’ll post some cards next time.