Various foo

Went to the Allies movie night tonight and saw Rent. It’s a really good film… makes me kinda want to see the Broadway production now. Dunno.

Work today went well. After trying various optimizations on the classification algorithms, I got accuracy to drop and go up… eventually getting a more-or-less best-for-now accuracy of 91%. Not bad at all. Then worked a bit on the extractor. Initial tests gave it a 49% accuracy on extraction… was able to quickly get it up to 75%, and then spent the rest of the day getting it up to 82%. Going to see if I can’t do better tomorrow. The problem is that the ones its missing now are the problems without explicit givens (for example, “How long was the candle when it started burning?” vs. “How long has it been burning if the candle is 6 inches tall?” which I can parse). Meh. Boo for edge cases and special casing everything.

Um… so yeah. Downloaded some of my favorite Rent songs from iTunes (strangely, I’m not too fond of the cover song, “Seasons of Love,” but that might just because I heard it so many times during the movie). A lot of this suff is really good. This music makes me happy. :) Thinking about either getting an iPod or some card games. Which one do people think would be better? Honestly, I’m not sure how much usage I would get out of either. It would be nice to have all my music on the go with me, but I don’t really *need* an iPod, nor do I have that much time to listen to music when I’m not at my computer anyway. The cards would be nice to collect (and some of them are stuff I’ve been looking for for a while), but unless there’s people to play with me, they’re relatively useless as well.

Havn’t taken any pictures in the past 2 days, so here’s a picture of the cloud factory I took last week. Havn’t photoshopped this one at all… maybe I should a bit. Dunno. I think it looks pretty good as it is.

Life is good :D
I’m so lucky in life. Why do I sometimes lose sight of that?

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  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about; the movie version of Rent was crap. It’s *FAR* better on Broadway. I got bored during the movie whereas on Broadway I’ve always wound up bawling my eyes out.

  2. RENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s pretty much fabulous. I think they did a fairly good job with the movie. Seeing it on stage though is AMAZING!!! Best song: What You Own

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