Moar foods

I made salsa chicken today. It’s really easy: bake a chicken breast at 350 for 25 minutes. Place on a microwave-safe plate, douse in salsa of your choice, and lay thin strips of cheddar across. Microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese and heat the salsa. Nom nom. Tasty and pretty, since the cheese gives it stripes.

I also made the blackberry muffins again so I could take some into work tomorrow. I cut the blackberries into thirds (crosswise, so each piece is a little disc) and they came out much better. I also got one less muffin out of the process, but this makes sense, since there is less room for air when you don’t have lots of whole blackberries in each muffin. I topped each one with a whole blackberry and they look rather nice, as well.

I made french toast for breakfast. It always surprises me how simple such things are to make (muffins, pancakes, omelettes/breakfast sandwiches, french toast) and how much of a premium they can fetch in grocery stores or restaurants ($1.25 for a preservative-laden muffin?! $5 for an omelette?!). Besides, cooking is fun and tasty.

Today Dan and I went to see the How Weird fair (which, appropriately, is on Howard street). It was rather tiny, but amusing… there were 5 or 6 different DJs in various areas, arranged such that their music never overlapped. There were also a bunch of weirdly dressed people. Overall, it was smaller than I think either of us were expecting, but still interesting. I just wish I had taken my camera and attempted to shoot with it :P

Mmm food.

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