Breaking the Drudge

Life has received another (rather large) update (3 months! :O). If you follow it, you should leave more comments :D Comments are awesome.

Here’s a couple photos from this weekend. I love my new f/1.4 lens so much.

I think I’ve recently been spending less and less time at my computer (outside of work), which is a good thing.
After work, three times a week, I go running for half an hour, and it’s a really nice feeling afterward. On Tuesdays, Will joins me and we use some of the weight machines as well. Other nights (or sometimes after exercising), I’ll wander the city, walk to Safeway or the mall just to walk (but not buy anything), or cook lots of tasty food. Tonight, for example, we walked over to Virgin to check out their store-closing sale (verdict: prices still way too high… $12 for a CD after the 30% off is still too much, and don’t even look at their DVDs). Afterward, I walked to Borders to look at their media liquidation and picked up some cheese at Safeway.

I’ve also been getting less sleep, breaking my habit of oversleeping, which makes me feel lethargic and bleh all week. I’ve been going to bed around midnight and waking up at 7:30, which gives me plenty of time to do things in the morning. I generally feel more alert at work (although I don’t particularly feel productive given that all the work at this point in the release is test automation and bug fixes… but I never feel productive when doing those because there’s no finished feature to show for it :P). This is awesome.

I’ve also been having fun with people on weekends. Last weekend there was Ally and Matt and wandering and tasty food. This past weekend there was Dan and Jeff and Nesky and Dan’s Wii and lots of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Next weekend there will be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party with Ally and her friends. It’s nice having something to do rather than just sitting around in front of my computer all day (which often turns into going back to sleep or taking naps, neither of which are particularly good for me).

So yeah, I feel happy and, somehow, better than I have in a long time (not that I have been at all unhappy lately, just that I feel *really* good now). Maybe it’s the exercising.

Totally unrelated to anything, you should check out Josh Freese’s new CD. His packages are hilarious. I downloaded his single today (free, legitly from his website :P) and I like it, so I’ll probably spring for his CD at some point… but probably not one of the higher packages :P

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