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Life has gotten another decently-sized update. CMU itself is tagged through the beginning of the 2007-2008 year, so one more semester and I will have all photos from where life currently ends to the present tagged. That will be awesome.
Also, the captcha is removed from commenting because Tim pointed out it was silly to have a password-protected site with captchas.

Here are the photos from the meme that I owed people. I wasn’t terribly happy with the way they came out, so I did a bit of photomanip to each one as well.


I did more manipulation to this than may be initially obvious. I pulled out the colors of each of the flowers in different ways.


I played around with colors a lot on this one because the shot itself was really boring.


The significance behind this one is more subtle. I really wanted to take photos of something music-related, but had no idea where in San Francisco this could happen. The manip on this one is the classic monochrome-of-background, but I like how it’s not glaringly obvious.

I will also email full-sized copies to each person.

Edit: New Year’s photos have been posted on photos 2. Today was a very photo-y day.
Also, om nom nom nom?

5 thoughts on “Meme images

  1. But you should still have something captcha-like. How about it claims to be a captcha, but it’s always the word “buttsquid”?

    Or you could do some sort of image recognition, where it claims there’s a unique answer, but really it just takes whatever people claim they see in the image.

  2. Awesome, I love it! I’m keeping an eye out for Alan-esque things in Granada, I’ll have something for you and will be reposting the meme on my blog soon :-)
    And… music is half the reason I’d love to live in San Francisco… If you don’t know where to find it, ya need ta get out more! ;-)
    Lots of great jam bands still play the bay area with great frequency. Steve Kimock is an amazing guitarist who drops in and out of there, he ends up at the Great American Music Hall a lot.

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