Card prints?

A friend referred me to a site where you can print a deck of customized cards for $5. They’re meant to be a deck of standard playing cards (54 cards), but you can fully customize both sides, which means I could potentially print Student Wars decks or Cluster card game cards or such.

I’m tempted to make new, nicer Cluster TCG cards and print a nice deck of them to play with. 108 should be enough… 98 unique for the deck and the 10 Objective cards, even though the website currently suggests 3 copies of each of the 67 deck cards (this seems excessive though… and 152 deck cards also seems high).

I guess I could also print one nice copy of each of the cards in the first two Student Wars v2 sets, but I feel weird spending $50 on something that’s just going to sit around in a binder. I would rather print two 54-card decks (or maybe four, one for each of the game’s primary affiliations), but that turns the game into a fixed-card game which seems to go against the entire point of making it a CCG.

Any thoughts/opinions/suggestions?

Edit: How’s this for a card back?

Tim made the comment that it’s really subdued, but that’s kinda the point since the card fronts are OMG COLOR.

3 thoughts on “Card prints?

  1. I’ve always been a fan of relatively mundane card backs with little logos (M:tG, lesser extent Pokemon) or wordless patterns that nevertheless distinctualize the game (YGO). I dunno, I’ve always thought that nativity scenes were much more common for a pack of ordinary playing cards than a CCG/TCG.

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