We went to Big Basin today and it was a lot of fun.
jgrafton drove (lots and lots of twisty roads, many without lanes) and we (Brian, brewer) hiked an easy trail and took photos. Then we went for tasty burgers for dinner.

I’ll post photos at some point.

Threw in a last minute fix on Friday (logging, to help debug an issue) that it turns out I had forgotten to check for null in one case. Result: shittons of NPEs in the log files, which really, really wasn’t pretty. The only thing that saved me was that someone had had the awesome foresight to wrap the piece of vital code that I was logging in try{}catch(Exception e){}. This meant that, instead of killing the entire request, it only logged an error message and continued on happily. Still not good, but not completely fatal either. Meh.

Fun fun fun fun.

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